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33 Eyelash Extension Industry Statistics, Trends & Analysis

If you are going to school to become an eyelash artist with a dream of opening your own shop or salon one day, then knowing what the industry can support will let you know if you have a chance at success. There are never any guarantees in the business world, but between 2019-2024, the industry is expected to reach $1.5 billion in annual product sales.

There are numerous reasons why consumers are turning to professionals for help with their eyelash extensions. A local salon can customize looks for every customer, stock a variety of product types, and guarantee a specific outcome after an appointment. It is not unusual for women to feel like getting their eyelashes done is similar to going to their favorite spot to get their hair done.

Although the eyelash extension industry usually targets women, about 2% of the overall customer base is men. About half of all customers are in the 18-34 age demographic, and most consumers prefer to use a local artist for their needs.

Important Eyelash Extension Industry Statistics

#1. 75% of eyelash artists in the United States earn up to $50,000 per year for the work that they do in this thriving industry. (ABC News)

#2. 1 out of every 4 eyelash technicians have worked in the industry for a minimum of 5 years. (ABC News)

#3. 80% of the workers who are active in the eyelash extension industry today say that they are either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their careers. (ABC News)

#4. 63% of the workers who have employment because of the eyelash extension industry say that they are earning the income levels they expected when they took their job. (ABC News)

#5. 74% of the eyelash artists operating in the United States right now are either a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. Some states require this licensing before they will permit someone to open a business in this industry. (Glad Lash)

#6. The average eyelash technician charges between $61-$180 for a full set of lashes. Only 6% charge $60 or less for the service, while 12% say that their pricing is above $181. (Glad Lash)

#7. Only 9% of the eyelash artists operating in the industry today have more than 10 years of experience working with customers and the extensions they prefer. (Glad Lash)

#8. About half of the salons or professionals who offer eyelash extensions have a website that is active or available to their customers. Around 30% of those sites have an active blog that helps to promote their services. (Glad Lash)

#9. 78% of the professionals in the eyelash extension industry are using social media marketing as a way to push their brand message. Out of those who are taking this approach, 89% say that they use Facebook and 72% are using Instagram. (Glad Lash)

#10. False eyelashes are driving outsized growth in the health and beauty care category in the United States. During the first three quarters of 2018, sales for the industry were up 10% in units and 21% in dollars. (Nielsen)

#11. Between 2017-2018, sales of false eyelashes grew by over $270 million, ending up 31% in total dollars and 15% in unit volume. (Nielsen)

#12. Eyelash treatments in 2018 were up by 32% for 2018, which surpassed even eyebrow products in the health and beauty care product (24%). (Nielsen)

#13. The total sales volume for fake eyelashes in the United States in 2015 was just $124.95 million, which means the industry has more than double in just four full sales years. (Statista)

#14. 26% of the eyelash artists that operate in this industry do not carry insurance that would protect them if they didn’t perform their work correctly for any reason. (Glad Lash)

#15. 58% of workers in this industry said that they’ve worked with customers while feeling fatigued due to the physical demands and correct techniques that are necessary for every appointment. (Glad Lash)

#16. Over 50% of the salons and independent providers that operate in the eyelash extension industry say that they’ve had to manage a client with an allergic reaction at least once in the past year. This issue is one of many reasons why the top priority is to manage client after-care in this industry. (Glad Lash)

#17. 37% of eyelash artists have opportunities to increase their income by offering new services if their primary focus is on the classic application of extensions. (Glad Lash)

#18. 89% of the eyelash artists operating in the United States have completed some type of training so that they can be certified to do their work. (Glad Lash)

#19. Only 3% of industry professionals report that they are earning more than $100,000 per year by providing services to their customers. 48% of technicians and artists say that they earn $20,000 or less per year. (Glad Lash)

#20. About 5% of the customers in the eyelash extension industry are above the age of 55. (Glad Lash)

#21. The average customer who prefers a professional eyelash extension application will visit their preferred venue once every 4-6 weeks to receive services. (NYIB)

#22. Ardell Fashion is the leading brand with regards to sales of false eyelashes and adhesives in the United States, responsible for $18.6 million in sales in 2017. Kiss Ever EZ Lashes earned $12.3 million, while Salon Perfectly Glamorous earned $7.3 million. (Statista)

#23. 80% of the top 10 brands in false eyelashes and adhesives belong to just two companies in the overall beauty industry. (Statista)

#24. Female entrepreneurs in the eyelash extension industry are growing, but still relatively rare compared to the customer base. In 2013, only 2% of businesses performing this service were owned by a woman or had a woman majority owner. (Forbes)

#25. It takes about two hours for an expert eyelash extension specialist to install a customer’s preferred product in a professional setting. (Glamour FX)

#26. For customers that want to have a natural look with their eyelash extensions, a set of 80-90 lashes per eye, depending on the size of the eyelid, are necessary to accomplish the desired outcome. (Refinery29)

#27. Natural eyelash extensions shed regularly with a customer’s natural lashes, which means some people need to have them replaced as soon as every two weeks. (Refinery29)

#28. Customers need to avoid steam applications and getting their lashes wet for the first 48 hours after they receive their extensions. There is a need to blow dry the eyelashes on the cool setting after taking a shower as well, which means adding more steps to the morning or evening routine. (Refinery29)

#29. The average cost per fill after an initial session in the United States is between $41 to $80, with 645 of providers falling into this category. About 18% say that they charge up to $40 for this service, while 6.2% note that their cost is up to $120. (Glad Lash)

#30. It takes about 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the condition of the lash extensions, to accomplish a fill. Most technicians need about half of the time it takes to do a full set to finish this service. (Glad Lash)

#31. Recent graduates from a lash extension training or certification course will charge up to 50% less than what a seasoned, licensed technician will ask for an appointment. (Glad Lash)

#32. After-care kits for eyelash extensions typically retail for about $30. Most people who receive this service will need to sleep on satin or silk pillowcases to maintain the integrity of the product, which can have a variable expense. (Glad Lash)

#33. Lash growth serum is a typical recommendation for men and women who receive extensions, helping to grow new lashes while maintaining the longer ones for more time. The average serum can retail for up to $150, and the industry recommends using the product for 60-90 days to achieve the best possible results. (Glad Lash)

Eyelash Extension Industry Trends and Analysis

The eyelash extension industry shows no sign of slowing down over the next 5-year and 10-year forecast periods. Although a majority of the growth will occur in North America were about 37% of revenues exist, this field looks to be a promising one for any students, cosmetologists, or beauticians that want to find a niche for themselves.

The number of businesses offering professional services grew by 14% in 2017, with some sales quarters seeing gains of 15% over the year before. Franchising has come to the industry as well, with a major studio franchise (Amazing Lash Studio) adding over 170 new outlets for American consumers alone between 2016-2017.

The eyelash extension industry may still be relatively young, but its quick growth and dedicated customer base will help it to be an economic force for many years to come.

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