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35 Catchy Snack Machine Business Names

Snack machines, or more commonly known as vending machines, are machines that have a variety of food and snack items for people to purchase. They are so popular because they require no employees to run and are constantly making money at all times, day and night. Starting a snack machine business can be fun and exciting, as well as highly profitable. Here are some fun names of existing businesses to help motivate the name of your own.

Absolute Vending
ACE Vending Solutions
Alligator Vending
American Food & Vending
ASAP Vending
Automated Food Services
Balanced Vending
Bettoli Vending
Bulldog Vending
Bush Vending Machines
Canteen Vending Services
CNC Vending
Crown Vending Solutions
Double R Vending
Express Coffee Services
First Class Vending Inc.
Fox and Sons Vending
Golden Age Services
Houston Vending Service
HUMAN Healthy Vending
Ideal Vending
Loyal Vending
Next Generation Vending & Food
Perfect Choice Vending Solutions
Pro City Vending
Refreshment Solutions
Sweet&Salty Vending
The Vend Doctor
Tristate Healthy Vending LLC
Universal Vending
Vending Mix
Vending Solutions
Vendrite Vending Corp.

This video is valuable to anyone looking to get into this sort of business because it is all about a man who is in the process of beginning a vending business. He talks about all of the issues he encounters and things he must do to get started.

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