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35 Catchy Private Military Company Names

Private military companies provide armed security for various different reasons all over the world. It is an industry that has been gaining quite a bit of attention in the recent years. These types of services can be very profitable. A great name for your company is the key to success. Here are some high name private military companies to give you some ideas for your own business.

Allied Barton
Armor Group
Asia Security Group
Black Element
Black Tiger International
Blue Mountain Group
Bohemia Interactive
Chubb Security
Corps Security
Cubic Defense Applications
Custer Battles
Draken International
Erinys International
Finnish Defense Forces
G.H.O.S.T. Company
G4S Risk Management
Global Defense Systems
HB Solutions
International Intelligence Limited
Jack Desmond Worldwide
Northbridge Services Corp.
Paladin Tactical Solutions
Pinkerton Government Services
Red Sand Solutions
RSB Group
Securitas AB
Sharp End International
The Brink’s Company
Titan Corp.
Triple Canopy
Washington Group International

This short, but powerful, documentary on private military companies breaks down the pros and cons of these services. It is truly insightful and educational for anyone interested in this type of industry.

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