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32 Mind-Blowing Noel Gallagher Quotes

Noel Gallagher is an English musician, singer, and songwriter. A the lead guitarist and co-lead vocalist to the rock band ‘Oasis,’ Gallagher has learned a thing or two about what it takes to achieve success. Here is a collection to some of the most notable Noel Gallagher quotes to know.

“Americans are crazy. They have this fascination with throwing their shoes on stage. I’ve been to a lot of shows in me life, some good and some bad. But I was never moved to take off me shoes and throw it at the lead singer.”

“Fame is something that is bestowed upon you because of success. Success is something you have to chase.”

“Gone are the days when Virgin Records was owned by Richard Branson, a fan of music. Now they’re all owned by some guy who bought it off some guy who bought it off some guy who wants a return on his investment.”

“I do think my old fella wasn’t much of a… I don’t remember him ever being a ‘dad’ dad. He was too busy working. It was a hard life, man.”

“I don’t dislike rappers or hip-hop or people who like it. I went to the Def Jam tour in Manchester in the ’80s when rap was inspirational. Public Enemy were awesome. But it’s all about status and bling now, and it doesn’t say anything to me.”

“I don’t think people need to know what colour socks I’m wearing today; I don’t think people need to know what shower gel I’m using. There’s too much information in the world, and there’s no magic or mystery anymore.”

“I have 3 kids and a cat and a busy, noisy house. I get more time to relax when I’m working.”

“If everyone in the music business were brutally honest about what their intentions were then you could sort things out, but it’s all smoke and mirrors.”

“If I can give you any advice, it’s this: every hour that you spend sat on the couch doing nothing, put it to good use, because when you have kids, an hour is like a lifetime.”

“I’m a happy-go-lucky character. I’m not that miserable. But I can never let anyone into my world.”

“I’m a little bit of a control freak when it comes to my music, unfortunately.”

“I’m not interested in making money. It’s just that with my talent, I’m cursed with it.”

“I’m not technically proficient enough to attempt all kinds of music.”

“I’ve grown to love California: It’s the dream of every English musician to come here and work in the sunshine. To walk up Sunset Boulevard, knowing you’re going to make music – that’s it.”

“I’ve never been asked to do a collaboration. I guess I just don’t give off that come-and-get-me vibe. I wouldn’t be adverse to doing one with Coldplay or U2 – anyone who sells 50 million albums.”

“I’ve never understood musicians who don’t enjoy doing promotional interviews. I just can’t believe it. I always think, ‘Your life must have been so brilliant before you were in a band.'”

“Music is a thing that changes people’s lives. It has the capacity to make young people’s lives better.”

“Oasis can’t be summed up in one word. I could do a sentence: Boys from council estate made it very, very big.”

“Producers like to record all the drums first, then they do the bass, then all the guitars, so you’re constantly moving from one song to another.”

“There’s not enough good things in the world.”

“To be quite honest, John Lennon had questionable politics. There was a flip side. He was all peace and love, but he was a very violent character.”

“We’re not arrogant, we just believe we’re the best band in the world.”

“What’s problematic about playing stadiums and driving around in private jets and drinking champagne at 8 o’clock in the morning? What’s wrong with that? I haven’t got a problem with that. I can’t fathom why people would.”

“When a lot of musicians change styles, their songwriting suffers because they want to be different.”

“When I was 16 I’d watch ‘The Godfather,’ but I didn’t think, ‘Right, I’m going to go down the barber’s and get some protection money off him.'”

“When I’m doing music and I’m on the road, I love it. But once I’m home, it’s very difficult to go back out on the road.”

“You can’t afford to think about what might have been. You just be aware of what is.”

“You can’t be a mod and a rocker. You have to choose sides.”

“You can’t put a load of rockstars up on a stage and expect to wipe out global poverty. That’s ludicrous.”

“You have to make the effort with children. You can’t have them thinking that I reckon I’m special, otherwise they’ll start thinking they’re special. I want them to feel normal for as long as possible because God knows they’ll reach an age when they’ll be told they’re not.”

“You’ve got to be strong enough for love. It’s very easy to be cool and cynical. It’s very difficult to just let yourself go and be in love. You’ve got to be strong enough for that.”

“You’ve just got to trust your instincts and realize that you can’t please all the people all the time. You’ve got to please yourself ultimately in the end.”

Here is a summary to the top ten rules for success as outlined by Noel Gallagher. From creating what you like to being you, the last main component to think about is doing something that you love.

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