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75 Great Virtual Assistant Company Names

With a rise in entrepreneurs, virtual assistants are becoming more in demand than ever. An estimated 3 out of 4 assistants are located in the United States and have higher education, experience office software and email, possess strong language skills, and a solid WPM rate. Individuals should not be seeking a virtual assistant for tasks best performed by them or give them to much responsibility too soon. Emailing can leave room for open interpretation so be sure to remain clear on communications. The below compiled list provides a collection of virtual assistant company names from around the world. These organizations give access to qualified individuals that can help you on an individual basis or meet a variety of business needs.

123 Employee
24/7 Virtual Assistant
A to Z Tasks
Agents of Value
AMG Virtual Assistant Services
Arup Virtual Assistant
Ask Sunday
AYSC Assistants
Belay Solutions
Easy Virtual Assistant
Elite VA
Ellan Media
Fancy Hands
Focus Tele
Get Friday
Hello Rache
Hire Your Virtual Assistant
Imagine Virtual Assistant Service
Keep Me Posted
Longer Days
Manpower Group
My Tasker
NS Virtual Services
Office Grapevine
Office Killls
Outsource Workers
Premier Veba
Priority VA
Red Butler
Rent a Smile
Rescue Desk
Square Fish Inc.
Support Save
Surplus Hands
Task Bullet
Task Firm
Task Virtual
Tasks Everyday
Team Launcher
The Virtual Hub
Time Doctor
Time Etc
Time Svr
US Assist
VA Staffer
Virtual Assist USA
Virtual Assistant Staffing Services
Virtual Assistant Talent
Virtual Employee
Virtual Personal Assistants
Virtual Staff Finder
Virtual Vocations
Virtually Empowered
Vivid Story
Workaholics 4 Hire
Worldwide 101

The following infographic outlines tips to training your virtual assistant and strategies for finding the correct individual. Before hiring an assistant, be sure to review their credentials and be explicit on deliverables and time. Establish a process and policy that can be reinforced over time and assign all core and recurring duties before moving forward with additional tasks.

Guide to Hiring a Virtual Assitant

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