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33 Good Camera Company Names

The birth of photography was in 1826 when the first permanent photograph was conceived requiring eight hours for exposure. It was not until 1861 that the first color photograph happened. Since the beginning, over 3.5 trillion photos have been taken. The digital revolution occurred in the 1960’s when the first digital photograph was taken from the moon. No, through expansion to electronic cameras and social media, more than 300 million photos are uploaded onto Facebook each day alone. The below collection of camera company names are from local businesses throughout the United States that offer a selection of different camera media formats and services.

Alphine Camera
Banana Camera Company
Bromfield Camera Co.
Camera Armour
Camera Clinic
Camera Co-Op
Camera One
Camera Service Co. Inc.
Conley Cameras
Electro-Vox INc.
Glazer’s Camera
Keslow Camera
Keystone Camera Company
Koerner Camera Systems
Lensless Camera Mfg.
Mammoth Camera
Microscan Systems Inc.
Miranda Camera Company
Norman’s Electronics Inc.
Optechs Digital
Optical Ocean Sales
OxBlue Construction Camera
Penn Camera
Photo-Tronics Inc.
Prime Camera
Quality Camera
Rare Medium
Schiller’s Camera
Sonitrol Pacifici
Star Camera Company
Tall’s Camera
The Camera Company

The following infographic provides a guide to the history of cameras and photography through the recent digital age. The first film-less electronic camera was developed in 1972 with the first series of consumer digital cameras placed on the market in the mid 90’s. The advancement of mobile phones with camera capabilities have slowly been replacing traditional point and shoot cameras.

Mobile Photo Industry

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