33 Famous Toothpaste Advertising Slogans and Taglines

The toothpaste market has been losing its pizzazz in the market of basic fluoride and white toothpaste options, dropping by almost half in the market. Consumer trends are heading towards more value added, fancy and colored flavored toothpastes. Pastes that offer active sale, cooling crystals, lemon, and more has become the fastest growing segment in more than a decade. The following series of toothpaste advertising slogans are from existing brands worldwide that focus on the effectiveness of mouth care.

Behold The Fountain of Youth.
Bringing mouths to life.
Can get even clean teeth 2 shades whiter.
Effortlessly cleaning out that dirty mouth of yours, so no one will ever know how bad your breath really was.
Everyday protection for sensitive teeth.
Expert recommended to stop the pain.
Feel the Shine.
Fights cavities…Children like the taste.
For a natural white smile.
Have you Macleaned your teeth today?
Healthy Beautiful smiles for life.
It’s dandy for your teeth!
It’s tingling fresh. It’s fresh as ice. It’s Gibbs SR toothpaste.
Look Ma, no cavities!
Maclean your teeth!
Mentadent Replenishing White toothpaste.
Most recommended toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
No other toothpaste has the unique strong taste of Euthymol.
Number 1 recommended by dentists.
Pearl Drops Whitening tooth polish and toothpaste.
Pearl Drops…See the Whiteness. Feel the Shine.
Pure. Fresh. Clean.
See the Whiteness.
Take Aim against cavities!
Take the feeling of clean to the Extreme.
Teeth aren’t white until they gleam.
The closer, the better.
The Great Tasting Gel!
The only way to obtain healthy and strong teeth.
The toothpaste for people who can’t brush after every meal.
Three in one protection for your family.
Tom’s of Maine. Naturally, it works.
Ultra Brite gets you noticed!

The below infographic outline interesting statistics and facts about mouth care. The earliest toothbrush dates back to 1600 BC, in a form of a chewing stick. Approximately 65% of Americans are estimated to suffer from bad breath or halitosis.

Interesting Facts About Teeth and Mouthcare