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31 Names for Fantasy Football Trophies

The objective of fantasy football is to win based on the player data not necessarily the game itself. Fantasy football has been around since 1962 and seen substantial growth, reaching the $1 billion dollar industry in 2012. A total of 25 million players participate online in the United States alone, with 6.5 million being women. A collection of fantasy football trophies you can earn or give out are outlined below.

A Game of Throws Season Champion
Beer Can Trophy
Better Luck Next Year… Just Kidding You Suck
Big Swimming D Champions
Continental Billboard League Award
Fantasy Football Championship Belt
Fantasy Puppy Bowl
Golden Plunger
Golden Running League Champ
Hard Corn Porn Huskers
I Only Had 4 Beers League Champion
I Pitta the Fool
King of the Float
Major Armchair
Old Hickory
Post Victory League Champions
Silver Running League Champ
Smoke and Play Trophy
Stand Up Billboard
Teach Me How to Doug Free
That’s What Snee Said
The Big Crap-Tacular Championship
The Fumble Award
The Grey Cup
The Shaft Award
The Ultimate Loser
The Wizard Club Champions
Toilet Bowl Champion
Toilet Paper Perpetual Trophy
Triple Riser League Award
Weeden Start the Fire

Fantasy football participants spent an estimated 400% more than the fan that attends the game. 25% more football is watched by fantasy football participants than the average viewer to include a 70% chance that he will spend 15 minutes or more a day on fantasy football. The below infographic outlines industry statistics and facts.

Fantasy Football Facts and Statistics

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