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51 Good Catchy Used Car Slogans

The used car industry has been booming for years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Last year, in 2014, the industry brought in 370 billion dollars in revenue. If you are starting your own used car dealership or are reinventing your existing business a great slogan is a great way to go. A catchy and memorable slogan will help you to stick out from the competition. Here is a list of amazing slogans for used car dealerships.

A Car For All Budgets.
A car for everyone.
Accelerating the Future.
Affordable And Like New.
Always There for You.
As individual as you are.
Better ideas driven by you.
Cars! Trucks! SUVs!
Come Look At The Selection!
Come See What We Have To Offer.
Committed to be Better.
Creating a Higher Standard.
Don’t dream it. Drive it!
Drive your dreams.
Driving is believing.
Everyday vehicles that aren’t.
Eye it – try it – buy it!
Feel the difference.
Find Your Own Road.
Fuel for the soul.
Great Prices. Great Vehicles. Great Service.
Inexpensive. And built to stay that way.
Inspiration comes standard.
It’s Like A Zoo For Cars.
Just wait you drive it.
Let Us Find What You’re Looking For.
Let Us Sell You.
Let’s go places.
Like always. Like never before.
Live life in your own lane.
Live the pleasure.
Making Perfect Matches.
Move your mind.
New Cars at Shocking Prices.
New Thinking. New Possibilities.
Promises delivered.
Quality Guaranteed.
Responds to your life!
Simply Clever.
Standard of the World.
The drive of your life.
The Power of Dreams.
Trade In. Trade Up.
Unlike any other.
Used Cars at Shocking Prices.
We Have A Car For You.
We Sell Quality.
We stand behind every car we sell.
We’re Driving Excitement!
You Will Love Our Cars!
You’re Gonna Love It!

This very informative video gives you an overview of the used car market industry and it’s recent growth. It gives great insight as to where the industry is and where it is going.

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