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31 Differences Between Mac People and PC People


PC vs. Mac Usage

In the computer world, two companies seem to be battling it out on which company woos more people to use it. There are two types of computer systems in use today, the PC version which is based on the Microsoft Operating system, and Mac based for Mackintosh based operating systems. It has been noted that, users of these two operating systems have a common personality within themselves which trends across the world. This can be derived from how they value or take their computers while working, and how they would like to be associated with the same. However, this conclusion led to a research which has different perspectives on how people value the computer systems they use, and the influence of the same.


It is estimated that, age may be a defining factor on who loves the pc or a mac. People over the age of 35 prefer using windows based computers because it is easy to use and manage. Nevertheless, younger people of an age between 18 and 34 prefer using mac computers. This is because they are still young and would like to encounter challenging and interesting facts that the mac has to offer. Nevertheless, although the pc users are older, most of them are believed to live in suburbs. Mac users are mostly found in cities and well developed towns. People who use mac based computers consider themselves to be more official and savvy as compared to windows users. This however depends with the preferences of one person.


When it comes to personalities, a great difference can be seen between pc users and mac users. It is estimated that, pc users are more outgoing and will mingle with almost everyone around them. This means that pc users are down to earth and can live almost anywhere on the globe. Mac users on the other hand are very different. Mac users love to be seen as unique and special, and would want other people to notice them and their acts. This in simple terms means that, they take themselves to be of higher classes than the other people who use pc or other community based operating systems. When it comes to socializing with people mac users only socialize with one of their own, and rarely mingle with ‘lesser’ persons.


Fashion and taste also defines whether a person loves using a pc or a mac. For example, pc users appreciate art whenever they see it, and will also want to see the person behind that art. Mac users will on the other hand strife to design their own arts to impress other people. This means that are always competing with professionals just to prove a point, which is not the case with pc users. Fashion trends and wear blows the smoke off pc users because, pc users love casual wear and will be seen in tee shirts as well as jeans even in their places of work. This is due to their simplistic nature of pc users. Mac users however love to keep fit and always dress in official wear with cufflinks. This helps identify them as the upscale and unique persons on the universe.

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