33 Cool and Funny Barbershop Names

The barber shop industry is far from seeing an industry decline. In fact, it is project that employment for this industry will grow at a rate of 7% through 2020. The fastest growing state right now is Indiana, followed by Georgia and Texas. Annual salary for barbers vary by location. The following list of barber shop names outlines some withstanding businesses from coast to coast in the United States.

5th Ave Barber
Barber Blues
Barbers R Us
Barbershop Deluxe
Birds Barbershop
Blind Barber
Buzz Cuts Barber
Cut N Edge Barber Shop
Cutting Edge Cuts
Esquire Barber Shop
Get Buzzed Barber
Golden Touch Haircuts
Good Look Barber Shop
Groom Barbershop
Legends the Barbershop
Livin’ in the Cut Barbershop
Main Street Barber
No Grease
Old Glory Barbershop
Old Town Barbershop
Prestige Barber Shop
Razor King Barber Shop
Razzle Dazzle Barbershop
Renegade Barber Shop
Shorty’s Barber Shop
State Street Barbers
The Fade Shop
The Good Life Barber Shop
The Grooming Lounge
The Men’s Room Barber Shop
The Mug & Brush
The Renaissance Barbershop
Who’s Next Barber Shop
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Nearly half of barbers in the industry are self employed. Texas is expected to see the most project job growth in the barber industry above any other state. The following infographic outlines statistics and trends of the barber shop industry.

Barber Shop Industry Statistics