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125 Cool and Funny Barbershop Names

The barber shop industry is far from seeing an industry decline. In fact, it is project that employment for this industry will grow at a rate of 7% through 2020. The fastest growing state right now is Indiana, followed by Georgia and Texas. Annual salary for barbers vary by location. The following list of barber shop names outlines some withstanding businesses from coast to coast in the United States.

5th Ave Barber
A Cut Above
Barber Blues
Barbers R Us
Barbershop Deluxe
Birds Barbershop
Blades of Gold Barber Shop
Blind Barber
Bob The Barber
Burgundy’s Men’s Fine Grooming
Buzz Cuts Barber
Buzzed Basters
Classic Creek
Clippers and Scissors Men’s Salon
Clippers Haircuts for Men
Comb One Comb All
Combing Attractions
Corner Barber
Crew Cuts
Curl Up & Dye
Cut Above the Rest
Cut Me Loose
Cut N Edge Barber Shop
Cut ‘N’ Shave Barber
Cutter Shark
Cutting Edge Cuts
Dye Hard
Esquire Barber Shop
Fade O’Clock Barber
Fade Zone Barber Shop
Fading Away Barber Shop
Freeway Barber Shop
From Hair To Eternity
Game Day Barber Shop
Gentlemen’s Barber Shop
Get Buzzed Barber
Gold Medal Barber
Golden Touch Haircuts
Good Look Barber Shop
Groom Barbershop
Hair Affair
Hair Drive
Hair of Respectability
Hair To Stay
Hair We Are
Hairforce One
Hairway To Heaven
Halftime Haircuts for Men
Heads You Win
His and Hairs
Hot Rod Barber Shop
Keystone Barber Shop
L. Alexander Barbers & Shoppe
Legends the Barbershop
Livin’ in the Cut Barbershop
Lookin’ Sharp Barber
Lovefront Salon
Madison St. Barber Shop
Main Street Barber
Mop Top Shop
Muscle Cuts Barber Shop
No Grease
Noah Allen Gentlemen’s Salon
Off the Top
Old Glory Barbershop
Old Town Barbershop
One Stop Barber
Prestige Barber Shop
Raceway Barber
Razed Right Hometown Barber
Razor Cuts for Men
Razor King Barber Shop
Razzle Dazzle Barbershop
Renegade Barber Shop
Russo’s Barber Shop
Scissor Tangles
Shears To You
Shorty’s Barber Shop
Sideburns Barber
Soul Scissors
Spotted Man Salon
State Street Barbers
Straight Razors
Style Cave
Tapered Men’s Salon
The Art of Fine
The Art of Men’s Grooming
The Barber Chop
The Blue Camel SalonThe Legend Room
The Comb Over
The Cutting Edge
The Fade Shop
The Good Life Barber Shop
The Greatful Head
The Grooming Lounge
The Hair Port
The Hair-After
The Humble Barber
The Jazz Man Barber
The Man Cave Barber
The Men’s Room Barber Shop
The Men’s Mane
The Men’s Room
The Mug & Brush
The Mustached Man
The Pit Stop Barber Shop
The Pristine Barber
The Renaissance Barbershop
The Second Space
Touchdown Barber
Twin Scissors Barber
Twisted Scissors Barber Shop
Upper Cuts
Wave Hello
Well-Comb All
Who’s Next Barber Shop
Yankee Clipper
Young House Barber

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Nearly half of barbers in the industry are self employed. Texas is expected to see the most project job growth in the barber industry above any other state. The following infographic outlines statistics and trends of the barber shop industry.

Barber Shop Industry Statistics

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