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33 Catchy Chair Massage Business Names

Massage chairs are a hands off way to experience a relaxing and healing massage for your back, neck, and lower body. They are a wonderful business investment to venture into because the initial costs may be high, but operating costs can stay very low. If you are looking into getting into this type of business that a good name is the first place to starts. Here are some wonderful, and motivational names for a massage chair business to help get your thinking.

Austin Chair Massage
Being Well Massage
Body Healing
Body Well
Chair Haven
Citywide Massage
Hands Off Massage
Healing Touch
Hiatus Massage
Jee Jee Massage
Magic Chairs
Massage By Design
Massage Caddy
Massage Heaven
Miami Massage
Midtown Massages
Motherhood Massage
Myo Massage
Not Your Daddy’s Chair
Oasis Massage
Olu’s Massage
Relax The Back
Relaxation Absolution
Seize The Day
Sittin Good
Sittin’ Pretty
Super Relax
Tension Eliminators
The Corporate Chair
The Healing Garden
Viva Day
Zen Well

This great video features one of the latest technologies in massage chairs. This man gives his first impressions as well as a full review of the features and capabilities of this impressive massage chair.

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