33 Catchy and Creative Jewelry Business Names

The jewelry industry is considered to be a $33 billion dollar annual industry. With a recent small drop in growth by -0.3%, this industry has seen a few days of losses during the economic downturn. However, demand for high valued engagement rings will continue to grow the industry. The most common jewelry that is sold within this industry is gold and diamonds, followed by watches. Diamond jewelry along, account for almost half of the industry. The following list is of jewelry business names that currently exist around the nation to help inspire your own jewelry brand.

A Jewelers Art
A Plus Jewelers
B S Unlimited
Chains & Charms
Credit Jewelry
Diamond Sea
Diva Dollz
Facere Jewelry Art Gallery
Fox’s Gem Shop
G Glow Jewelers
Gold N Ideas
Greater than Gold
Jewel Smiths
Jewelry Box
Jewelry Connection
Jewelry Design
Laura Bee Designs
Lilly’s Gifts and Gathering
Rhinestone Rosie
Shortts Jewelry
Show Pony Boutique
Silver Accents
Something Silver
Vaqueros Boutique
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The most expensive ring ever sold at auction was a 25 carat graff pink diamond ring for $46.2 million. The following infographic outlines proceeding diamonds that are considered the most expensive jewelry that ever sold at auction.
Most Expensive Diamonds Ever Sold At Auction