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125 Catchy and Creative Jewelry Business Names

The jewelry industry is considered to be a $33 billion dollar annual industry. With a recent small drop in growth by -0.3%, this industry has seen a few days of losses during the economic downturn. However, demand for high valued engagement rings will continue to grow the industry. The most common jewelry that is sold within this industry is gold and diamonds, followed by watches. Diamond jewelry along, account for almost half of the industry. The following list is of jewelry business names that currently exist around the nation to help inspire your own jewelry brand.

A Jewelers Art
A Plus Jewelers
Art Chic
Artsy Jewels
B S Unlimited
Baltic Beauty
Bead Adorned
Bead Alternique
Beaded Armor
Bee Trinket
Blooming Furnace Jewelry
Blue Moon
Bohemian Findings
Buttons & Beads
Candy Crystals
Chains & Charms
Charming Crafts
Chic Rage
Classics Jewelry
Concept Designs
Cossa’s Creations
Craft Surprise
Credit Jewelry
Custom Designs
Deluxe Diamonds
Diamond Sea
Diva Dollz
Earth Work
Elegant Words Jewelry
Facere Jewelry Art Gallery
Five Souls
Fox’s Gem Shop
Fresh Purple
G Glow Jewelers
Glamour Girl Beads
Gold N Ideas
Gold Wiser
Goldmine Jewelry
Greater than Gold
Handmade Love
Holidaze Jewelry
Infinite Grace
Infinite Things
Ireland Gold
Jewel Cycle
Jewel illuminate
Jewel Jest
Jewel Junky
Jewel Smiths
Jewelry Box
Jewelry Connection
Jewelry Design
Jewelry Empire
Johnson Jewelers
Junky Jewel
Lady Bug Jewelry
LaLa Crystal
Laura Bee Designs
Lilly’s Gifts and Gathering
lluminated Accessories
Lovely Mosaic
Love’s Jewelers
Lulu Bug Jewels
Luxury Gold
Magic Clasp
Magic Clasp Jewelry
Mixed Mingled
New Life Designs
Pasta Designs
Peacock Beads
Pish Posh Pendants
Pot of Gold
Pretty Little Things
RE: Style
Reclaim Artsy
Retro Chic
Rhinestone Rosie
Rich Relics
Royal Bloom
Serendipity Diamonds
Shortts Jewelry
Show Pony Boutique
Silver Accents
Something Original
Something Silver
Sparkles Shop
Spirited Hill
Stone Appeal
Sugar Rush
Sunkissed Jewelry
Tabletop Dressing
The Blue Snowflake
The Crystal Blooms
The Ecletic
The Gallery
The Jewelry Place
The Missing Piece Studio
The Southern Nest
The Strand
The Vintage Wheel
To From For
Travelers Jewelers
Tribal Style
Trink Wink
Vaqueros Boutique
White Lily Designs

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