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31 Awesome Librarian Blog Names

Having a passion for books may call you to serve in a library and facilitate a role of helping other achieve similar passions. These great librarian blog names from existing librarians are the perfect example to the type of blog that is focused on encouraging others to read and get involved.

A Library Writer’s Blog
Designing Better Libraries
Eliterate Librarian
Free Range Librarian
Harvard Library
In the Library
Justin the Librarian
Krafty Librarian
Letters to a Young Librarian
Librarian by Day
Librarian in Black Blog
Librarian to Librarian
Librarians Matter
Library Connect
Library For All
Library Journal
Love the Liberry
Mr. Library Dude
No Shelf Required
Not So Distant Future
Princh Blog
Screwy Decimal
Stump the Librarian
Teen Librarian
Teen Librarian Toolbox
The Book Nest
The Distant Librarian
The Travelin’ Librarian
The Unquiet Librarian
Walt at Random

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