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30 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rates


Ecommerce conversion is a tricky challenge. When you have a retail store, salespeople attending to customers and everyone who walks in actually gets to browse as they want, can see the products and also interact with the staff as much as they want, there is a degree of control on conversions. You can influence the conversions. With ecommerce or an online store, you cannot do much other than ensuring that your site is conducive for conversions.

At best, you can have a live chat feature. Then again, most ecommerce businesses wouldn’t have the staff in place to attend to numerous chats in real time. There are some simple and surefire ways to increase ecommerce conversion. The secret is to know what goes wrong in most cases which then impair conversion. If you can iron out these hindrances or unpleasant elements, then you can easily increase your ecommerce conversion.

1) The User Interface is One of the Triggers.
If you have an amazing site that is easy to browse, people can find everything they want conveniently and the entire navigation is as smooth as it can be, then you have better chances at converting a visitor. If you have a bland user interface, people struggle to find what they are looking for and you have a very poor sitemap, then it is no secret that your audience will dislike the site. They will not make a purchase and they may not ever return to the site.

2) Convenience is the Key.
Today, every customer wants information served on a platter. A customer doesn’t want to break a sweat to find out more about a product, no one has the time to go through a long webpage reading about a hundred different terms and then having to make the purchase. The entire browsing experience must be simple. All necessary information must be provided or presented upfront, there should be assurances or warranties, product reviews, comparisons and all related data that someone needs to make an informed decision. Whenever you wouldn’t provide such information, a customer would seek it elsewhere and there goes the visitor to your site. By the time the customer gets all the information, you have lost your chance of conversion.

3) Pricing is One of the Biggest Factors in Ecommerce Conversion.
You don’t have the luxury of being based in a certain city or area. People would buy from a neighborhood store even if the price is high instead of driving twenty miles to get a better price. In ecommerce, getting a better price is as easy as opening another tab and a site that has a better price for a product.

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