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30 Great Catchy Powderpuff Slogans

Powderpuff football is a sacred tradition in American high schools and colleges. This is when, for a single game, the roles are switched. The girls play football, while the boys take on the role of cheerleaders. It is a fun time for everyone! Often times, tee shirts are made to honor the tradition, that feature fun slogans. Here are some great examples for you to use on your own powder puff shirts!

911, We’re Your Emergency.
Always Going Strong.
Boys Are Great At Football Until Girls Step In.
Can’t Touch This!
Everything Else Is Just A Game.
Fight Like A Powder Puff.
Forget About Princess, Cause Not Even Cinderella Is Gettin’ To This Ball.
Girls Can’t What?!
Girls Helping Girls.
Girls Rule!
Got Game?
Grid Iron Girl!
I May Look Cute. I Don’t Play Cute.
Let’s Get Powderpuff Tough.
Pretty and Mean.
Sisters on the Girdiron.
So Much More Than A Pretty Face.
Step Aside Boys, Let The Girls Play.
Sugar and Spice, and Everything Not Nice.
There’s No Place Like….Your Face IN THE GRASS!
This Girl Is Ready For Some Football.
Tuff Enuff For Powder Puff.
We Came To Play, And This Time We Brought Our Sisters.
We Only Draft The Best.
Who Says Girls Can’t Huddle?
You Beat The Rest, We Battle The Best.
You Can Hit On Us But You Can’t Score.
You Think You’re Royalty, But We Wear The Crown.

This great video, made by one high school, shows all of the preparation that goes into powderpuff football as well as all of the fun that is had.

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