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31 Good and Catchy Laser Tag Business Names

Laser tag is wholesome family fun for people of all ages to enjoy. You run around black light lit obstacle courses and try to hit the enemy teams vest with a “laser” gun. It is very fun and also very profitable. Starting one up is fairly simple and cost efficient as well. The first thing you should consider if you want to open your own laser tag park is the name you will give it. Here are some great ideas to give you inspiration.


Action Town
Area 51
Battlefield Colorado
Blazer Tag
Code Red Laser Tag
Commando Laser Tag
Dizzy Family Fun
Dog Tagz
Fun City
Fun Frenzy Laser Tag
Fun Station USA
Invasion Laser Tag
Laser Battlefield
Laser Battles
Laser Bounce
Laser Legend
Laser Quest
Laser Tagging
Laser Wars
Lazer Crazer
Lazer X
Loveland Laser Tag
No Surrender Laser Tag
Nor Cal Laser Tag
Ultrazone Laser Tag
Wahooz Laser Tag

This cool looking and fun video is documenting the grand opening of a laser tag facility in Florida. It really shows the excitement and fun that is had at these places.

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