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30 Clever Catchy Retirement Cake Slogans

Retirement is something that just about every person is looking forward to. It’s the moment in life when you get to stop working, relax, and spend all your time doing whatever you want! It’s a big moment in someones life, something that they save for from the moment they begin working. Many people have fun parties for these lucky retirees, complete with a themed cake! Send them off with a laugh and use one of these great retirement slogans.

A Retired Husband Becomes A Wife’s Full Time Job.
At Retirement, Everyone Has The Face They Deserve.
Don’t Just Retire From Something. Have Something To Retire To.
Goodbye Tension. Hello Pension.
I Don’t Want To. I Don’t Have To. You Can’t Make Me. I’m Retired!
I’m Retired, You’re Not. Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah
I’m Retired. Having A Good Time Is My Job!
It’s Officially Nap Time!
It’s Time For A New Adventure.
It’s Time To Enjoy All The Things You Never Had Time To Do When You Worked.
It’s Time To Stop Living At Work and Start Working At Living!
Life Begins At Retirement
No Alarm Clock. No Commute. No Problem.
Now The Real Fun Begins.
Now There’s Time For Everything.
Retired. My Only Boss Is My Wife.
Retired. Now Give Me My Senior Discount.
Retired: Knows It All And Has Plenty Of Time To Tell You.
Retirement Is A Full Time Job.
Retirement Is Figuring Out How To Spend Time Without Spending Money
Retirement Is Just The Beginning.
Retirement. You Earned It. Now Enjoy It!
Retirement…The Day You Finally Stop Working And Start Living!
The Legend Has Retired.
The Trouble With Retirement Is That You Never Get A Day Off.
Time For Seven Day Weekends!
Young At Heart. Slightly Older In Other Places.

This beautiful video is about one retiring teacher who gets a big surprise when one of her students throw her a huge retirement party! She is so touched that she cannot help but to cry at the effort and compassion that the children she’s taught have for her.

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