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30 Catchy Deodorant Slogans and Taglines

The deodorant industry has seen trends gearing towards more natural ingredients and over the shelf prescription grade deodorant. Body sprays, creams, and gels offer more variety of options for consumers with a total market value of $2.78 million in US revenue. While consumption has decreased marginally in the last few years, the annual growth rate is estimated to be almost 4%. The following collection of slogans are from some of the biggest deodorant brands in the market.

Clean comfort. Powerful protection.
Cute and Girlie.
Don’t be a drip.
Don’t stress the small stuff.
Energy fresh.
Engineered for sports fanatics.
Happiness through freshness.
Keep it clear.
Keeps you dry.
Lasting protection.
Lets your skin breathe.
Motion activated freshness.
No sweat.
Odor fighting.
One spray is worth a dozen dabs.
Pocket pulling power.
Protection for every OMG moment.
Raise your hand if you’re sure.
Stay protected all day long.
Takes the worry out of being close.
The lynx effect.
The power of degree.
The spirit of freshness.
This is even better.
Total defense.
Try this sure way to protect your glamour.
Uncontrollable attraction.
When you’re strong, you sparkle.
With you all the way.

The following infographic highlights facts about sweat. Deodorant has been use for years as a means of combating perspiration and body odor. By the age of 10, a child can start to experience body order.

Facts About Sweat

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