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30 Best Website Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics


Increasing your conversion rate on your website – the percentage of visitors that come to your site and eventually purchase something from you – is one of the easiest ways, and fastest ways, to boost your profits through the roof without having to spend a fortune on more marketing and advertising.

At the same time, a lot of folks have a tough time improving conversion rates simply because they have no idea where to start and no idea of how to go about convincing and persuading more people to pull out their credit card and purchase whatever it is they have sale.

Here are a handful of hacks that will help you dramatically improve your conversion rates almost overnight, putting a lot more money in your bank account without too terribly much effort!

1) Strip Down Your Form Fields.
You have to make it as easy as humanly possible for your potential prospects to say “yes” to buying whatever it is you have available for sale, and that means overcoming a tremendous amount of resistance they are naturally going to have.

Eliminate barriers that can overwhelm your prospects – like form fields that are loaded with more boxes and information to provide than you know what to do with – and watch your conversion rate go through the roof.

2) Laser Target Your Perfect Prospect.
Too many otherwise smart and savvy business owners, marketers, and advertisers try to get cute and target EVERYONE rather than focusing like a laser on only the people that are the perfect prospect in the most likely person to actually buy whatever it is you have for sale.

If you are selling homeowners insurance, for example, you wouldn’t want to market directly to homeowners AND those that are renting apartments. You’d want to laser down and spend your money only on homeowners, reducing your potential prospect for a little bit but improving your conversion rate – and cutting marketing costs – considerably.

3) Guarantee Everything You Are Able To.
At the end of the day, anytime you are selling something to someone else you are telling them that what you have is worth at least the amount of money that they have to pay to own it – and that isn’t always the most comfortable thought for people to kind of cozy up to.

People are wary of risk, have been conned in the past, and may believe that what you have to offer sounds just too good to be true – even if it is very much the real deal. Guarantee absolutely everything you can 100% across-the-board and you’ll eliminate a tremendous amount of risk, improving conversion instantly.

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