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3 Types of Content that Get the Most Shares


Content creation is incredibly important. It is no secret that content is king and what online users are searching for. However, what are the types of content that get shared the most? Here are the main takeaways from this infographic.

1) Learning is Key.
The main thing that you need to keep in mind when you are creating content to be shared, is that people are looking for valuable information. They want to learn something from the content that they read. Three out of every four people look online for information relevant to increasing their efficiency at work. This means that they want content that is practical and created in a “How To” format that is easy to follow.

2) What is the Platform Being Used?
It is also essential that you take into consideration the platform that you want your content to be shared on. For example, “How To” content is most often shared on Facebook and Pinterest. If these are the types of platforms that you want to see your content shared at a high rate, focusing on “How To” information will be most effective.

3) Quizzes Capture Attention.
Unlike “How To” content, quizzes are a form of content that are shared on all platforms. They are something that online users simply can’t get enough of. No matter what the topic may be, quizzes are shared frequently by online users. Of the most shared articles for all of last year, more than 80% were quizzes. A quiz of any type actually averages about 1,900 shares.

4) Add Images.
The value of the content is important, but adding images can also be a great way to increase shares. On Facebook, a post is two times more likely to be shared when an image is added. Posts that have images see much more action than those without.

5) Going Viral.
If you want the ability for your content or post to go viral, it is a good idea to add more than one curated image. This will increase the likelihood that it is shared and has the potential to become a viral sensation. There are even some picture lists that were images only that became the most shared content of the entire year for Guardian.

Creating content that gets shares is all about knowing what online users are looking for and consider to be of value.

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