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3 Best Backlink Analysis and Backlink Checker Tools

3 Best Backlink Analysis and Backlink Checker Tools

Back Link Analysis Tools

Three main back link analysis tools exist to use for your website:

1. SEOmoz
2. Majestic SEO
3. Ahrefs

Majestic SEO has amassed the most fresh and historic URLs, followed by Ahrefs and SEOmoz. These popular back link analysis companies each offer different outstanding services. Different back link analysis tool sets are more suited to different sites. Read on to see which company features what in its back link analysis tools package.

Anchor text is the blue clickable hyperlink you provide your customers with as a portal to another site.

Backlinks Should Be Unique to Each Page

Fresh URLs are websites that update their content at least on a monthly basis. Historic URLs do not update as frequently. MajesticSEO updates their URL index once an hour and their historic URL index is updated monthly. Ahrefs updates their index every 30 minutes, with the full index being updated weekly. SEOmoz updates their URL index monthly.

These web tools also keep track of dead links. A dead link is a link that has been lost. Majestic SEO and Ahrefs keep track of dead links but SEOmoz does not provide this information. All three companies provide a useful SEO analytics tool, but Majestic’s comes out as most user friendly with their Trust Flow and Citation Flow. These analytics programs provide easy-to-understand statistics and comparison. Each link can be viewed individually on a scatterplot.

Competitor Analysis is also provided. You can learn a lot from other companies, including how they succeed and how they fall short. Both Ahrefs and MajesticSEO provide excellent, comprehensive lists of backlinks. Ahrefs is updated particularly quickly and frequently, giving you the freshest possible information for competitor analysis. SEOmoz illustrates competitor’s most popular links and gives an overall pictures of each website’s SEO rank.

However, each program is different in affordability. MajesticSEO is the most reasonably priced web service at $40 – $400 per month. Ahrefs costs $65 – $499 a month and SEOmoz costs $79 – $499 per month. However, it is worth it to have excellent back link analysis tools at your company’s disposal.

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