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101 Ideas for Biblical Company Names

The belief of creationism has been around for centuries. An estimated 28% of biology teachers teach evolution based plans with 13% focused on the teaching of creationism. An average 60% of church goers believe that God creation humans in the present form while 31% believe the process of evolution was guided by God. The following collection of biblical company names are from businesses around the United States focused on Christian beliefs.

12 Disciples Diner
Adam & Eve
Apples of Gold
Ark Daycare
Believe Pictures
Bethany House
BethleHEM Alterations
Bezalel Coins
Big Fish Tackle Shop
BlueFish TV
Bluewater Bay Lifestyle Centre
Born Again Second Hand Shop
Bread of Life Bakery
Christian Christmas Shoppe
Christian Cleaning Company
Christian Crafts
Cloud Ten Pictures
Convenant Publishing
Crystal Creek Media
Delta Jewels
Destiny Publishers
Eagles Wings Business and Accounting
Essence of Israel
Everlasting Life Bookstore
Excelsior Service Centre
Fitness 9:27
Five & Two Pictures
Forbidden Fruit
Forever 21
Fount of Life Day Spa
Galilee Gallery
Gener8Xion Entertainment Inc.
Genesis Acoustics
God is Good Bookstore
God’s House Worship Store
God’s Light Giftshop
Gracebook Social Networking
Green Pastures Health Foods
Heart of Fire Christian Candles
Heaven Rocks Music Shop
Herald House
Herman Miller
Hobby Lobby
Holy Grounds Coffee Shop
Holy Spirit Bakery
Hope Channel
Hope Christian Store
In N Out Burger
In the Beginning Bookstore
Insight Learning Centre
Interstate Batteries
Iron Men
Jeremiah Films
Joseph’s Coat Store
Lot’s Wife Gourmet Sea Salt
Mustard Seed Hot Dog Cart
Narrow Path Bike Shop
New Heights Dance Ministry
Nightingale Trust
Omega Christian Television
One of a Kind Rosaries
Operation Mobilization
Part the Ocean Tackle Shop
Partners Worldwide
Pray On It Hunting Store
Preach it! Christian Store
Reformers Bookshop
Relevant Radio
RightNow Ministries
Rise Again Breakfast Diner
Second Heaven Coffee Shop
Service Master
Serving in Missions
Shiloh Printing
Sing To the Heavens Music Store
Still Waters Retirement
Strong Tower Fitness
Talents Bank
The ARK Daycare Center
The Good Book Bookstore
The Rebirth Network
The Royal Stage
This Little Light Candle Shop
Tom’s of Maine
Tree of Life Nursery
Trinity Bank
Trueblue Communication & Events
Tyson Foods
Umbu Projects
Under God Wedding Shop
UpLifting Entertainment
Veritas Christian Bookstore
Water Mission National

The below infographic takes a look at the trends and facts of individuals that believe in evolution versus creationism. Studies have shown that 47% of individuals with a high school level education or less believe that God created humans as we are today. This changes among post graduate students at a rate of 49% that believe God only guided the process. As further education is acquired, individual beliefs change.

Evolution vs Creatism Statistics

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