31 Ideas for Biblical Company Names

The belief of creationism has been around for centuries. An estimated 28% of biology teachers teach evolution based plans with 13% focused on the teaching of creationism. An average 60% of church goers believe that God creation humans in the present form while 31% believe the process of evolution was guided by God. The following collection of biblical company names are from businesses around the United States focused on Christian beliefs.

Adam & Eve
Apples of Gold
Ark Daycare
Bezalel Coins
BlueFish TV
Bluewater Bay Lifestyle Centre
Crystal Creek Media
Eagles Wings Business and Accounting
Essence of Israel
Excelsior Service Centre
Fitness 9:27
Five & Two Pictures
Forbidden Fruit
Genesis Acoustics
Hope Channel
Insight Learning Centre
Iron Men
Lot’s Wife Gourmet Sea Salt
Nightingale Trust
Omega Christian Television
One of a Kind Rosaries
Reformers Bookshop
Relevant Radio
Strong Tower Fitness
The Good Book Company
Trueblue Communication & Events
Umbu Projects

The below infographic takes a look at the trends and facts of individuals that believe in evolution versus creationism. Studies have shown that 47% of individuals with a high school level education or less believe that God created humans as we are today. This changes among post graduate students at a rate of 49% that believe God only guided the process. As further education is acquired, individual beliefs change.

Evolution vs Creatism Statistics