29 Clever Catchy Vegetarian Slogans

If you are looking to eat less meat or commit to becoming a vegetarian, you should first visit a farm or animal sanctuary. Look to try new fruits and veggies and expand your dietary tastes to new healthier areas. Purchase organic produce or choose to grow your own. With the average body taking up to three days to digest meat, a healthier vegetarian based diet will allow your energy levels to soar. To celebrate this life change, take a look at the following catchy vegetarian slogans. These have been embraced by others and shared with the intent of inspiring your new path in life.

Animals Are Not Ours To Eat.
Be Human AND Humane.
Be Kind to Animals. Don’t Eat Them.
Be Part Of The Vegan Solution, Not The Problem.
Be Vegan, Be Mine.
Born Again Vegan.
Change What You Eat – Change The World.
Choose Compassion.
Don’t Eat Eggs – It’s Stealing.
Eat Beans Not Beings.
Even Cows Don’t Drink Milk – So Why Would You?
Every Bite Counts.
Feed it. Don’t Eat It.
Food For Thought.
Give Peas a Chance.
Go Greener.
Humane Slaughter Is An Oxymoron.
If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls, Everyone Would be a Vegetarian.
If You Are What You Eat, Does That Make You Dead Meat?
Make Every Bite Count.
Practice Compassion.
Real Humans Don’t Kill Non-Humans
Save Billions – Be Vegan.
Spare an Animal, Eat a Vegetable.
The Only Ethical Choice.
There’s Nothing Sweet About Eating Meat.
Vote With Your Fork.
Wings Are For Flying, not Frying.
You Have A Choice, They Don’t.

Embracing a vegetarian lifestyle is not always an easy change. However, the following video will help to educate you on ten of the most important facts that will turn you vegetarian so you can understand the impact and difference you will make.