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29 Best Catchy Hemp Jewlery Company Names

Hemp is a very underutilized resource that can be used for a wide variety of different things. The most popular is jewelry making. The designs and creations that can be made with hemp is virtually endless. If you are thinking about or embarking on the journey of beginning your very own hemp jewelry business then your name is vital. A good name will make people remember your company. Here is a list of existing hemp jewelry company names to get your creativity flowing.

Beyond Belief
Cali Girl Customs
Dread Lock Jewelry
Earth Girl Customs
Earthly Jewelry
Eclectic Crafts
Enlightened Jewelry
Fantastic Hemp
Hemp Beauty
Hemp Crafts
Hemp Experts
Hemp Universe
Hugs of Hemp
Leaders of Hemp
Moon And Son Jewelry
My Secret Closet
Nature’s Boutique
Nature’s Rhythm
Pieces of Peace
Sativa Jewelry
Sun And Soil Jewelry
Sunny Beach Jewelry
Sunny Boutique
Surf And Turf Jewelry
The Basement
The Hemp Club
Uniquely Yours

This fun video gives you a tutorial on how to make a hemp necklace. It is very informative and easy to follow.

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