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28 Priceless Christine Lagarde Quotes

Christine Lagarde is a French lawyer, politician, and Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund since 2011. Ranked as the 5th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine, Lagarde has had her share of controversy and the spotlight. Here is a listing to some of the most notable Christine Lagarde quotes ever noted.

“A global world needs global firewalls.”

“Before a negotiation can proceed and be completed, what is outside the scope of negotiation needs to be agreed.”

“Countries like Canada, Korea, China, Germany can and should use fiscal space. Some of them are doing it, not all.”

“I hate to say there are female and male ways of dealing with power, because I think each of us has a male and a female part.”

“I have a theory that women are generally given space and appointed to jobs when the situation is tough.”

“I learned that you can constantly improve, and that you should not be shy about your views, and about the direction that you believe is right.”

“I look under the skin of countries’ economies, and I help them make better decisions and be stronger, to prosper and create employment.”

“I love cooking. Not for myself alone. Cooking is about giving.”

“I think I have a male side about me and you have a female side about you. It’s a question of repressing or not.”

“I think more of the little kids from a school in a little village in Niger who get teaching two hours a day, sharing one chair for three of them, and who are very keen to get an education. ”

“If inflation is the genie, then deflation is the ogre that must be fought decisively.”

“If Lehman Brothers had been a bit more Lehman Sisters … we would not have had the degree of tragedy that we had as a result of what happened.”

“I’m not in the business of reading tea leaves. I don’t have a crystal ball.”

“Improved productivity is another direct benefit of globalization.”

“It’s become my brand in a way, you know, speaking the truth even though it was not politically correct.”

“Massive progress has been made in the last five years. More progress has to be made in terms of fiscal union and banking union.”

“Social unrest and protectionism are the two major risks of the world economic crisis.”

“The difficulty that negotiators have is often based on the cultural difference that various countries have.”

“The Egyptian society needs to include its women if it wants to have economic prosperity.”

“The financial industry is a service industry. It should serve others before it serves itself.”

“Think about it. Women control 70 percent of global consumer spending… when women do better, economies do better.”

“To me, leadership is about encouraging people. It’s about stimulating them. It’s about enabling them to achieve what they can achieve – and to do that with a purpose.”

“Unless we take action on climate change, future generations will be roasted, toasted, fried and grilled.”

“We cannot just look at a country by looking at charts, graphs, and modelling the economy. Behind the numbers there are people.”

“We have a collective responsibility-to bring about a more stable and more prosperous world, a world in which every person in every country can reach their full potential.”

“We need to put our good research, our good work, our principles into actionable items whenever we can.”

“When women do better, economies do better.”

“Women, as the minority, have to prove their worth all the time. That’s the reason we tend to over-prepare, over-study, over anticipate. I think it’s the case with many women leaders. We tend to over do it.”

Here is a short talk with Christine Lagarde as she goes over some of her best advice for women which is to grit your teeth and smile.

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