28 Great Catchy School Election Slogans

School elections are when students of a school campaign to their peers to vote for them for various student council positions. It is a great way for kids to learn about politics as well as make new friends and connections within their school. No matter position you are running for, a good slogan for your posters are sure to gather attention. Here are some great slogan to give you some ideas.

(Name): Because You’re Worth It.
A Vote For (Name) Is A Vote For Action!
Be My Minion.
Born To Lead.
Choose (Name) To Get Things Done.
Choose (Name), Get Action.
Choose Bob For Change.
Count On Someone Who Can Count For Treasurer!
Don’t “Blow” It…”Chews” Me For President!
Don’t Be Shy. Give Me A Try!
Everyone Sayz, (Name) For Prez.
Have No Fear. Vote For Me For A Great Year.
I Give Good Government.
I’m Not Handsome. I’m Not Popular. Just Give Me This One Thing!
I’m Voting For That One. That One That Won.
Like A Good Neighbor, (Name) Is There.
Mirror Mirror on The Wall, Who Is The Best Vote Of Them All…
Open Your Mind, Improve Your School.
Student Council On Fleek.
Thank (Name) It’s Friday.
Till I Solve All Your Problems, I Will Not Rest.
Vote Better!
Vote For Me! Otherwise I’ll Lose.
We Like (Name), Yes We Do! We Voted For (Name) And So Should You!
We Want YOU! To Vote For Me.
You Vote For Me, You Vote For The Best.
Your Education. Your Life. Your School. The Time Is Now.
You’ve Never Had It This Good.

This amazing video gives a different perspective on how school elections should be ran. They are running their election in a way that most schools would never even consider. What do you think?