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101 Great Catchy Pillow Company Names

Pillow companies have to ability to be extremely profitable. If you have a product that stands out and is quality, then people will want to buy them. If you are on the journey of opening your very own pillow company than a great name is the first step. A good business name will help you to stand out and build you brand. Here is a great list of existing pillow companies to give you some great ideas on naming your own business.

Abundant Haven
Aller Ease
Ar Pillow Inc.
Atlantic Feather & Down
Barefoot Dreams
Bed Gear
Bed of Roses
Blissliving Home
Blossom Brand Boutique
Blue Ridge Home
Body Baby
Bots and Beams
Brentwood Originals
Charter Club
Clark Pillow Co.
Classic Brands
Cloud Pillows
Comfort King
Comfort Lift Pillow
Comfort Revolution
Comfort Shapes
Conscious Comfort
Contour Living
Coop Home Goods
Copper N Blue
Creative Bones
Cross Pillows
DC Labs
Dena Home
Discover Night
Down Decor
Down Lite
Dreamwell Industries
Encompass Group
Fine Pillow
Five Star
Full Harvest
Get Smitten
Giraffe at Home
Good Life Essentials
Heavenly Pillows
Hollander Home Fashions
Impower Self Help
Inca Trade Company
Innovative Sleep Products
Keepsake Pillows
Kush Kushion
Linen and Ivory
My Cute Pillows Pets
My Pillow
National Pillow
Neck Eaze
Nod Pod
Our Ginger Cottage
Pacific Coast Feather Company
Perfect Sleeper
Pillow Enterprises
Pillow Pals
Pillow Place
Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk Creations
Pillows and Fibers Inc.
Premium Cushions
Puffy Pillow Factory
Quality Comfort
Quality Down Fibers
Relax Right
Restful Nights
Rizzy Home
Room Essentials
Royal Velvet
Science of Sleep
Serenity Pillows
Sitter Pillow Company
Sleep Better
Sleep Inc.
Sleep Innovations
Sleep Kings
Sleep Tights
Snazzy Living
Star Pillow
The Good Sleep Company
The Pillow Company
The Pillow Factory
The Sleep Hug
Thread on Threads
Treasure Your Gifts

This wonderful video of one woman’s story is truly inspiring. She owns a luxury pillow business and when she needed help this company came to give her to pick me up that her and her company needed.

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