28 Catchy Accident Prevention Slogans

Accidents happen on the job, and the majority of them are completely preventable. Instilling a good sense of accident prevention into your company can help you from a lot of issues later on, and most importantly, keep your employees safe at all times. Here are some great accident prevention slogans that you can use on posters around the workplace.

Safety Is The Key To Accident Free.
Fall Prevention Deserves Your Attention.
Safety is a State of Mind. Accidents are an Absence of Mind.
Stay Alert. Stay Alive.
3 Causes of Accidents-I Didn’t Think. I Didn’t See. I Didn’t Know. Be Alert, Don’t Get Hurt.
Chance Takers are Accident Makers.
Be Sensible. Be Safe.
Keep Safety in Mind. On the Job. On the Road. In the Home.
Safety is Something We Can Live With.
Do it Once. Do it Right. Do it Safely.
No Need For Speed. Safety First!
Don’t Get Tangled Up in Your Work.
Safety Isn’t A Slogan. It’s A Way Of Life.
Keep Your Hands Out Of Pinch Points!
Be Safe Not Sorry.
Safety Is No Accident.
Be Safe! Because You Want To.
A Faulty Wire Can Start A Fire.
Accidents. Whether Great or Small…Report Them All!
Safety First. Business Next.
We’ve Upped Our Safety Standards. You Should Too!
Safety Starts With “S” But Begins With “You!”
The Safe Way Is The Only Way.
Attention! You Are Now Entering A Safety Zone!
Make Every Day A Great Day. Please Work Safely!
Be Careful! Avoid Accidents!

This is a powerful and informative video all about preventing accidents in the workplace. They discuss some of the most common causes of accidents and just how dangerous small things can be.