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27 Words that Get the Most Shares on Social Media


‘It’s only words and words are all you have.’

It doesn’t matter whether your primary communicating weapon is a video or an image, both of which may not have much to do with words as a textual content would. Yet, you will have to rely on words to communicate. A video cannot be without a voice. An image cannot be without a caption or at least a bubble somewhere. Images do speak a thousand words and videos speak tens of thousands of words. But when it comes to actual communication, words work best.

How Words Impact Your Social Media Campaign

You will be surprised to know that there are some words that have the potential to make your post much better and share worthy. Such words may also be referred to as viral words. There are reasons why you consistently come across shared content that tend to have similar titles or similar wording. The simplest reality is that some words fuel the imagination of people more easily than others. At the same time, some words are a turn-off.

On social media, you can easily get some exposure if you do the right things. For instance, if you have a video that surprises, shocks or educates people in a way that no other video does or has done, then your video can easily go viral. At the same time, if you come up with a video that is nothing better than a cliché or doesn’t invoke any reaction in a viewer, then you will not achieve anything significant with the video.

Use the Right Words

Likewise, you need to use the right words that will get your content shared on social media. The associated info-graphic will introduce you to the words that you should use on social media and also the words that you should not use or try your best to avoid. Every initiative can be strategized at the simplest grassroots level and that’s what you can accomplish with the help of the info-graphic.

The info-graphic also makes a distinction among the popular social media sites, ala Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. The same words don’t work equally well on all these social sites. Facebook is different from Twitter which is different from LinkedIn and that has no similarity with Google Plus. Since the nature of these sites, the purpose of the sites and the domains are very different from one another, it is only obvious that the words that work on these sites will also be different. You cannot have a standard approach for all these sites. That is the bottom line.

You should make note of the words that work and use them to make your content more shareable and you should certainly avoid using the words that would not get you enough attention and which may also turnoff your fans in ways you will not realize immediately. Almost everything is manufactured today, from public opinion to fan frenzy. You need to use smart strategies to manufacture what you need for your endeavor.

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