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29 Striking Statistics on Effective Outdoor Signage

27 Striking Statistics on Effective Outdoor Signage

The Benefits of Business Signs

Though the focus of much of today’s marketing material is geared toward the online business, there is still a great amount of success that can be found in a traditional brick and mortar store. A physical storefront allows people to sample merchandise, interact with knowledgeable salespeople, and decide with their eyes instead of their brains. In order to bring people into these stores, nothing is more effective when it comes to marketing to today’s consumer than a well designed business sign. Does your business have a sign displayed right now?

Half of All Customers Come In Because of the Sign

The amount invested into a quality business sign cannot be overstated. Half of all customers who come into any business do so because of the sign that is displayed out front. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a branded sign that accomplishes this either – some businesses display menus, while others display special sales on specific products. Consider the other side of the equation in that 35% of people wouldn’t even know your business was at its location unless you have a sign displayed and you can begin to see the importance of having a quality business sign. 52% of teenage and adult Americans have viewed a digital display within the past week.

Most of Your Customers Live Within 5 Miles of Your Storefront

When it comes to local business, a vast majority of what you’ll get comes from people who live within 5 miles of your store. That means the average person will see your sign about twice per day, or about sixty times per month. Your sign, therefore, becomes an effective advertising tool to entice people to visit your store, whether on a planned trip or on an impulse. If you can effectively communicate on your signage what your business sells and why people should visit your store instead of a competitor’s, then chances are your business sign is a more effective tool than any advertisement you could ever purchase.

Word of Mouth Accounts For More Business Than All Advertising

The reputation your business has with its current customers will bring in more business than advertising in the newspaper, the phone book, radio, and TV do combined. This means you’ve got to back up the value of what you have to sell with the value you communicate on your business sign. When you combine the amount of business from your sign and what you get from word of mouth, it’s literally over 80% of your total daily revenues. That’s why if you don’t have a good business sign and you have a negative reputation, your business has a very slim chance of finding any success.

What Could a New Business Sign Do For You?

Many business signs are simply a reflection of a business name. That can work well if your business name is descriptive of what you provide, but for many businesses it simply isn’t enough. A redesigned business sign that is onsite costs just $0.02 per 1000 views and it reaches more of your overall market than any other form of advertising. Is it time to reconsider what your business sign is communicating to your potential customers?

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