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27 Clever Catchy Slogans for Perfect Attendance

Attendance is the key for a child to be successful in their school careers. Vital things are missed if the child is absent even just one day. One wonderful way to inspire perfect attendance in your students is by implementing an incentive program for those who do not miss any school. Posters, flyers, and slogans can all be used to help motivate. Here are some great attendance slogans that are sure to improve attendance in your classroom.

80 Percent of Success is Showing Up.
Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow.
Be Here! Every Day. All Day. All The Way!
Be Here. Get There.
Being Here Is Half The Battle.
Everyday In School Matters.
Get An Education. Stay In School!
Grades Go Down When You’re Not Around.
I Need To Aim To Attend School 100% Of The Time.
It’s Cool To Be In School Everyday.
It’s Not In To Be Out.
Missing School = Missing Out!
NBA All Stars. Never Been Absent.
On Time and On Target!
School Attendance Matters.
School Isn’t Boring If You’re There.
School Keeps You Safe, Educates You, And Prepares You For Your Future. Don’t Miss Out!
Show Up. Grow Up!
Show Your Class. Stay In School.
Skipping Class Is Skipping Life.
Stay Cool And Be At School.
Stay In School, Keep Your Freedom.
Stay In School. Don’t Be Late. Graduate.
Staying On Target Is The Best Way!
Thanks For “Beeing” Here.
There’s No Time Like The Present and No Substitute For Being Present.
Timing Is Everything. Get To School On Time!

This video shows one school district who’s attendance incentive program gave dramatic results! Their local news station covers the incredible story and how it affected the students in the schools.

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