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29 Catchy Chimney Sweep Business Names

Chimney’s get very dirty, especially during the winter months where they are used much more often. They can be extremely difficult to clean on your own, and typically require a professional chimney cleaning service to do the job safely and effectively. This makes chimney cleaning a very needed and lucrative business venture. A good name is the typical first step to starting a successful business. Here is a list of wonderful names to give you inspiration for your own business.

A Chimnee Cricket
Ace Chimney Cleaning
A-Tec Chimney Sweep
B&B Chimney Sweeps
Black Magic Chimney
Boston Chimney Professionals
Bristle Sweeps
Carlson’s Chimney
Cerrito Chimney
Chicago Chimney
Chicagoland Fireplace
Chimney Mechanix
Cinderfella Chimney Sweep
Clean Sweeps
Daizy Sweeps
Doctor Flue
Guardian Chimney Sweep
High Hat Chimney Sweep Co
King Chimney & Fireplace
Lifetime Chimneys
Lords Chimney
Pratt’s Professional Chimney Sweep
Quality Chimney Cleaners
Radtke Chimney Cleaners
Sols Chimney Sweep
The Chimney Doctor
Tozier’s Chimney Sweeping
Ultimate Chimney Sweep
Ye Olde Chimney Sweep

This video gives some ways that a chimney sweep performs their job. This is a new and innovative technique that can be utilized by any chimney sweep company.

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