29 Best Catchy Roller Coaster Slogans

There are over 2,500 different roller coasters currently thrilling and scaring people all over the world. This number is rapidly growing as the demand for adrenaline packed rides are increasing. People are always looking for the biggest, fastest, and baddest new coaster attraction to embark on. Here are some wonderful slogans for some of the most popular roller coasters on the planet, these will hopefully inspire your to create a great slogan for your own roller coaster creation!

A New Breed of Speed.
Stand Up To Your Fear.
The Last Stand.
The Wildest Roller Coaster On Earth!
The Super Dooper Looper!
Buckle Up And Enjoy The Ride.
It’s Okay If You Puke.
The Coolest Coaster On The Planet.
Find it Here.
For The Thrill Seeker In Us All.
Enjoy The Ride!
Don’t Look Down.
The Ride Of Your Life.
Step Aboard If You Dare.
Fast and Full of Venom.
The Future Is Riding On It.
Thrills Connect.
Ride On.
Face Your Fear.
A True Giant.
The Curse Is Real.
Get On The Front Or Shut Up.
The Scariest Place On Earth.
Where The Screams Never End.
A Lean Mean Screamin’ Machine.
The Thrill Capital of The Park.
It’s Wickedly Thrilling.
Discover The Fear.
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This insane video footage is of the Classic Woodie coaster in Ohio. This massive structure has tops speeds at over 68 miles per hour, putting it in the top ten faster coasters in the world!