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27 Best Catchy Over The Hill Slogans

Over the hill is a joking saying that is used to refer to people celebrating their 40th birthday. It is very common and a fun party theme to poke fun at the birthday man/woman. The most essential part of a great party is having a great slogan to put on the cake or in a card that will get everyone chuckling. Here are some hilarious over the hill slogans to give you some ideas.

Age Is A High Price To Pay For Maturity.
Age Only Matters If You’re Cheese Or Wine.
Are We Grownups Yet?
Been There, Done That, Got The T Shirt.
Forty Isn’t Old, If You’re A Tree.
Happy Birthday, You Old Bird!
I Get Everything I Set My Mind To…Now Where Did I Set My Mind?
I Played With Dinosaurs As A Kid..
I Will Never Be Over The Hill, I’m Too Darn Tired To Climb It.
If You Haven’t Grown Up By Age 40, You Don’t Have To.
I’m Not Old, I’m Youthfully Challenged.
In Dog Years You’re Dead.
In Led Zepplin Terms, You’re Halfway Up The Stairway To Heaven.
Just Remember, Once You’re Over The Hill, You Begin To Pick Up Speed.
Lordy Lordy Looks Who’s Forty.
Middle Age Is When Your Age Starts To Show Around Your Middle.
My Mind Not Only Wanders, It Sometimes Leaves.
Official Member of the “Piss & Moan” Club.
Smile While You Still Have Teeth.
So Many Candles, So Little Cake!
The Climb Is Over.
The Secret To Staying Young Is To Exercise, Eat Healthy, And Lie About Your Age.
Too Young To Be This Old!
Welcome To The Stone Age: Gall, Kidney, And Bladder.
You Know You’re Getting Older When The Clothes You’ve Put Away Until They Come Back In Style…Are Back In Style!
You’re Only As Old As You Remember You Are.
You’re Still Hot, But Only In Flashes.

This awesome video is full of great over the hill party and decorating ideas that you can incorporate into your own over the hill party to really take it to the next level.

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