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26 Remarkable Paul Zane Pilzer Quotes

Paul Zane Pilzer is an American economist, social entrepreneur, and best selling author. Known as the founder of a half dozen companies, Pilzer has contributed to more than 100 publications in the Wall Street Journal. Here is a look at some of the most shocking Paul Zane Pilzer quotes to know.

“All the resources we think we’re running out of are really inventions of the human mind – and there is no limit to the human mind.”

“Business is about serving other people. The better you are at giving people something that improves their lives, the more successful you are, and the more money you make.”

“Economics is really a quest for happiness, a quest for recognition, for all those things that we really want, which money is a vehicle to acquire, achieve or attain.”

“Growth and survival: it is an inherent paradox of human existence.”

“He with the gold makes the rules.”

“How much you discipline your mind to step out of it’s routines and look into new ways of doing things that you haven’t yet adopted is what will determine your economic potential.”

“Human beings resist change automatically.”

“Ironically, meat and milk products are actually a poor source of protein because they contain high amounts of harmful fats when compared to other protein sources such as fish, nuts, breads and vegetables.”

“It doesn’t do any good to buy a health-insurance policy that doesn’t cover your doctors.”

“It is easier to sell more product to an existing customer than to sell that same product to a new customer.”

“Make sure you are always working in a business where you can use and leverage your skills for the highest return.”

“Our learning experiences come primarily from our mistakes, not our good choices.”

“Our wealth is rewarded in direct proportion to the number of people with whom we are willing to share.”

“Resources are unlimited because our minds are unlimited.”

“Success in business depends largely on your adapting skills – the ability with which you learn new things.”

“The greatest economic opportunities of tomorrow, almost by definition, are in sectors of our economy that may not even exist today.”

“The more people increase their wealth, the greater proportion of their income they spend on wellness.”

“The technology gap is where you will find the greatest potential for growth.”

“This is an age-old theme, it doesn’t reflect reality. We aren’t running out resources: there are no ‘resources’ to run out of, because we’re constantly defining and inventing new ones.”

“To survive is to rely on constancy; but to change is to grow.”

“We don’t learn anywhere near as much as when we make mistakes.”

“We will never run out of resources because we always invent new ones.”

“Wellness is money you spend to make you feel healthier, even when you’re not ‘sick’ by any standard medical terms.”

“When you start your own business, you’re going to put in the same hours as you did working for the corporation, if not more. But you get to control which hours.”

“You cannot grow more hours in the day. However, you can make better use of those hours.”

“You only win when you help others win.”

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