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27 Energy Drink Industry Statistics and Trends

Energy Drink Industry Statistics and Trends

Energy drinks have been labeled a dietary supplement within the marketplace and considered to be the highest in increasing consumer penetration while colas are seeing consumer attrition.

Considered a small components of the non-alcoholic beverage industry, they are considered the most dynamic in 60% of market growth. Is is estimated that the US sales of energy drinks have brought them a market worth of $12.5 billion. The following statistics for the industry are outlined as below.

Retail Distribution

The break down of market sales by distribution are as follows.

1. Convenience Stores – 59%
2. Mass Merchandisers – 13%
3. Retailers – 11%
4. Supermarkets – 10%
5. Club Stores/Warehouses – 5%
6. Drug Stores – 2%

Marketing Trends

The energy drink industry is being forced to change their marketing strategies and methods due to the targeting of a younger audience that are at risk for over consumption. There has been cases in the past of teenagers dying from the effect of over consumption of energy drinks that increase their heart rate and cause them to go into cardiac arrest. An increase of emergency room visits have also brought about pressure onto the industry. The leading US energy drink brand is Red Bull.

2013 Energy Drink Brand Market Share

Red Bull – 43%
Monster – 39%
Rockstar – 10%
Amp – 3%
Nos – 3%
Full Throttle – 1%
Xyience Xenergy – 1%

2012 State of the Industry

The top non-aseptic energy drinking brands areas follows and their annual revenue from last year.

1. Red Bull – $2.76 trillion
2. Monster Energy – $1.45 trillion
3. Rockstar – $493 million
4. Nos – $244 million
5. Java Monster – $210 million
6. Monster Mega Energy – $209 million
7. Amp – $148 million
8. Rockstar Recovery – $147 million
9. Full Throttle – $97 million

Consumer Consumption

1. Energy drink consumption has been seeing a quick rise in recent years.
2. 5% of adults are considered heavy users consuming 5-7 times per month.
3. 2% of energy drinks are consumed by adults 10 or more times a month.
4. Consumer demographics are men between thee ages of 18 and 34.

US Caffeine Consumption

The average American consumers approximately 300mg of caffeine in a given work day. Almost half of Americans drink coffee. Statistics of caffeine consumption and healthy alternatives are outlined in the following infographic.

US Caffeine Consumption

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