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101 Best Catchy Laundry Business Names

Dry cleaning and other forms of laundry services bring in nearly 10 billion dollars of profit each and every year. They are very simple, and have the potential to be successful on a large scale if done correctly. Naming your business is a key part, so we’ve compiled a great list of laundry service businesses and their names, to give you some motivation and insight on names for your own business.

2 Boys Laundromat
A1 Dry Cleaners
Alba Dry Cleaners
All Seasons Cleaning
Always Sparkling
Angels Cleaning Service
Angels Home
April Fresh Cleaning Service
Bonded Building Cleaning
Bright and Beautiful Cleaning
Broom With A Clue
Bubbles Dry Cleaners
Busy B’s Laundrette
Cindy’s Cleaners
Classic Cleaning
Clean Break
Clean Club
Clean Conscience
Clean Freedom
Clean Queen
Clean Sweep
Cleaning by Design
Cleaning Solutions
Deep Clean Cleaning Service
Diamond Shine
Do Right Cleaning
Drip n Dry
Dust Buddies
Dust Busters
Dust n Shine
Dust to Shine
Dusty Might
Eagle Express Laundry
Easy Clean Services
Encino Dry Cleaners
Executive Shirt Laundry
Extreme Clean
Family Laundry
Feather Lady
Freedom Clean
Green Clean Team
Grime Busters
Happy House Cleaners
Heaven Scent House Cleaners
Heavenly House Cleaners
Home Clean Home
Home Sweet Home Cleaners
Hygiene Machine
Jeeves Laundry Services
Jumbo Wash Laundry
Just Clean
KM Laundry & Dry Cleaners
Laundry Warehouse
Lean Mean Clean Machine
Lemon Fresh Cleaning
Let Me Do The Cleaning
Let Us Hurt Your Dirt
Load Lifters
Loving Care Cleaners
Magic Moppers
Magical Maids
Maid 2 Shine
Maid in Heaven
Maid in Your City
Maid to Order
Maid to Perfection
Maid to the Rescue
Married to the Mop
Marvelous Maids
Mean Clean
Millennium Maid
Neat n Tidy
Old Towne Laundromat
Perfect Cleaners
Perfectly Clean
Pleasin’ Polish
Prestige Cleaning
Pristine Cleaning
Rag Tag Team
Rainbow Cleaners
Reflections Cleaning Company
Rise ‘n Shine
Sparkling Clean
Sparkling Coin
Sparkling Homes
Spic n Span
Spiffy Clean
Spotless Services
Spring Cleaning
Squeaky Clean
Sunset Laundry
Sunshine Cleaning Service
Super Cleaners
Super Laundry
Super Maids
The Hollywood Laundromat
The Laundry People
The Palace Laundromat
Wash & Dry Laundry

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