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25 Great Food Tasting Event Names

Food is one of the many ways that people are brought together for fellowship and community. These great food tasting event names are just some examples of existing events that are held across the nation that help to bring people together. These names are intended to inspire you to create your own food tasting event that is unique and full of flavor.

A Toast to Charlie
Bay Wine & Food Festival
Blue Plate
Capital Food Fight
Cayman Cookout
Cherry Blossom Festival
Cherry Bombe Jubilee
E.A.T (Engage and Taste)
Good Food & Wine Show
I (Heart) Food & Wine
In Good Taste
Music to Your Mouth
New York Taste
reThink Food
Savor Borgata
Savory Fare
Scents of Taste
Taste Maker
Taste of the South
Tasteful Cuisine
The Emporiyum
Thirst Boston
Twelve Days of Christmas

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