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27 Good Catchy Cable Company Names

Cable providers in America bring in over 80 billion dollars of revenue each year. It’s a great and profitable industry to be involved with. If you are thinking of beginning your very own cable provider company than a great name is key. A good name helps you to stick out from all of the competition that surrounds this particular market. Here are some wonderful examples of cable company names.

Ace Cable Co.
Advanced Cable Technology
Cable Inc.
Cambridge Television Company
Charter Cable
Cortland Cable Co.
Dish Network
General Cable
Houston Wire & Cable Company
Lakeland Cable
Lawrence Cable Service
Los Angeles Cable
Marmon Cable Company
MSG Network
National Cable Communications
New England Cable Inc.
Omni Cable
Showtime Networks
Southwestern Telephone & Cable
Time Warner Cable
Turner Broadcasting
TV One
Windstream Communications
WOW! Cable

This great video showcases a major cable provider in the country. It discusses their dynamics and strategies, as well as how they grew from a small time business to the empire they are today.

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