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25 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid


Search engine optimization often revolves around keywords and content, but a truly beneficial SEO experience involves much more. Have you addressed these easy SEO mistakes yet?

1) Clutter
Having too much clutter above the fold reduces the immediate perception of value your website can provide. Keep it simple and clean – and remember to put your subscription box above the fold as well.

2) Social Media
Value also comes from the level of outreach your site happens to have. If you don’t have a presence on social media yet, then your value is limited. Facebook is a common choice when first starting, but consider Twitter, Pinterest, or even LinkedIn, depending on where your core audience happens to be.

3) Speed
If your website is slow, then its value is limited as well. Improve your page speed and response time by optimizing the quality of your graphics. Compress images in a program like Photoshop and compress files (not image files) in an application like Gzip for best results.

4) Local Search
You might not think of yourself as a local business, but to the internet, you are. Add local search options to your website whenever possible and optimize those terms as you would your traditional search practices.

5) Evergreen Content
Sometimes referred to as “pillar content,” this is the stuff that is the backbone of your site. It doesn’t need to be updated often, but it still needs to be updated. You must always go back and refresh your old content so it doesn’t feel stale to the reader. If the byline says you wrote it more than 12 months ago, a light update can do a world of good for your optimization efforts.

6) Link Problems
There are 2 common link problems to avoid: broken links and zero interlinking. You need to remove all broken links from your site. You’ll also want to include relevant internal links that help users navigate your website effectively.

7) Metrics
Do you even know if your website is performing successfully? Collecting analytic data is a good first step, but you must define specific goals that define your success.

Search engine optimization doesn’t need to be mind-numbingly difficult. Avoid these easy SEO mistakes and you’ll be able to achieve the results you wish to see.

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