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25 Fascinating Coffee Drinkers Demographics

Drinking coffee in the morning isn’t anything new for millions of people around the world. It’s more than just wake-up juice. It’s also a social activity that provides networking opportunities, an off-site meeting, or a quick pick-me-up to get past the 2pm wall that many professionals face.

63% of adults in the 25-39 age demographic report that they drink coffee every day.

The number of coffee drinkers is rising rapidly. Almost 20% more people today say they drink coffee every day than just 4 years ago. Coffee drinkers even outnumber tea drinks by over 8 million people in the United States.

Here Are 3 Fast Facts About Coffee Drinkers

1. 83% of Americans say that they have at least one cup of coffee per week.
2. 41% of people in the 18-24 year old age demographic report that the drink at least one cup of coffee every day.
3. Coffee consumption is expected to increase by at least 2.7% every year.

Takeaway: Why is coffee consumption spiking? Although there could be an argument made that the increase in flavors, varieties, and low-cost coffees make it more accessible to people, an argument could also be made about a change in lifestyles. People are working more today for the same comparative wages that they made 30 years ago in some industries. If you can’t get enough sleep every night, you’ve got to do something to get through a difficult day. For many, the answer seems to be at least one cup of coffee every morning.

How Much Coffee Do People Actually Drink?

1. The average person who drinks coffee every day will consume an average of 3 cups every day, which amounts to almost 600 million cups of coffee consumed in the US per year.
2. The coffee industry sells over $30 billion worth of products in the US every year and is often seen as a healthy alternative that boosts antioxidant levels.
3. The percentage of people drinking gourmet coffees regularly has fallen from 56% to 49%.
4. 13% of coffee drinkers utilize home coffee makers that produce just one cup of coffee at a time.
5. Men who drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee per day have a 10% chance of outliving men who don’t drink coffee at all.
6. Women who drink at least 2 cups of coffee per day have a 13% chance of outliving their non-coffee drinking peers.
7. 74% of Hispanics drink coffee daily, which is 12 % more than any other demographic.

Takeaway: Over the last several years, a number of research studies have come out that suggest drinking coffee is beneficial for one’s health instead of detrimental. With research suggesting that coffee can help everything from diabetes to Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s in addition to its life prolonging possibilities, it’s completely understandable that people would want to take advantage of what coffee could do. And hey – why not drink 3 cups of coffee if you can instead of 1 so the benefits get multiplied?

Who Is Drinking All The Coffee?

1. Older consumers tend to drink more coffee per person than younger consumers.
2. The United States imported over 24 million bags of coffee in the last year.
3. 31% of people say they will drink at least one cup of gourmet coffee every day.
4. Worldwide consumption of coffee reached 142 bags of coffee in the last year.
5. 60% of US households use either whole bean coffee or ground coffee in some form.
6. 89% of households today use stock regular coffee as the primary coffee that they drink at home.
7. 27% of households regularly stock instant coffee.

Takeaway: Coffee is one of those drinks that equalizes the playing field. Although there are different qualities of coffee those ranges from gourmet to instant, everyone has the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee every now and then. Whether it is in an individual serving brewer, a package of instant, or just a large can of ground coffee from the grocer, it is the one luxury that provides people with common ground. Maybe it can become the catalyst to help prevent continued polarization between other demographic groups?

It’s Not Just About Black Coffee

1. 16% of households stock at least one brand of flavored coffee at any given time.
2. The most popular flavor of coffee, either instant or flavored, is vanilla as 42% of flavored coffee drinkers prefer it.
3. Mocha coffee drinks come in third place at 32%. Hazelnut drinkers make up 34% of the top flavor preferences.
4. Coffee use increases more as income levels increase in a household. 70% of households with incomes above $150k drink coffee regularly compared with 54% of households making less than $25k.
5. 13% of people will regularly go to a Starbucks to get their coffee. Republicans and independents are 11% more likely to visit a Starbucks than Democrats.
6. 63% of people will visit their favorite coffee chain between 1-5 times in any given month.
7. Only 46% of households stock decaffeinated coffee.
8. The 25-34 age demographic is the least likely to stock coffee at home.

Takeaway: It’s not just black coffee that fuels the world. As flavors become more innovative and coffee is served with other breakfast food options, like you can see at Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks these days, the number of coffee drinkers in each demographic is bound to increase. Despite the increases, however, there are certainly some decreases being seen in the coffee demographics as well. People who visit a coffee shop more than 6 times in a month is down 22% in some instances. The youngest adult age demographics have lost 9% of their daily coffee drinkers. Some of this may be cost and the prevalence of energy drinks that offer the same caffeine levels for a cheaper price, or it could indicate that coffee consumption has reached its peak.

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