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25 Clever Catchy Class of 2018 Slogans

Whether it is college or high school, graduating is a huge accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated. Many schools will choose a slogan for their graduating class. These slogans are put on t shirts and banners and are used as a sense of pride and excitement throughout the school. Here are some great class of 2018 slogans to give you ideas.

Born To Be The Best.
Freshmen Fear Us. Sophomores Bow Down To Us. Juniors Want To Be Us.
If At First You Don’t Succeed, You’re Not Us.
It’s Been A Wild Ride.
It’s Just The Beginning.
It’s Opener, Out There In The Wide Open Air.
Keep Calm And Class Of 2018.
Kiss My Class Goodbye.
Last Stop: Graduation.
Started From The Bottom Now We’re HERE!
The World’s Not Ending, We Are Just Taking Over.
There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.
This Is Our House.
We Are Ready!
We Did It!
We Swerved. We Twerked. Now We Gotta Find Work.
We’re Graduating ( no really )!
We’re Kind Of A Big Deal.
We’re Super Fresh, Like Mr. Clean. We’re The Class of 2018!
You’re Looking At The Future.
We’ll Make History.
Thanks Wikipedia!
We’re Some Glad Grads!
It Was Epic!
Keep It Classy (Insert School Name).

This comical video is about some of the things that you grads should know for after high school. These comedians use humor and fun to deliver this important message.

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