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101 Clever Catchy Class of 2018 Slogans

Whether it is college or high school, graduating is a huge accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated. Many schools will choose a slogan for their graduating class. These slogans are put on t shirts and banners and are used as a sense of pride and excitement throughout the school. Here are some great class of 2018 slogans to give you ideas.

2018 – a class of its own.
2018 Crew.
2018 don’t hate cuz w’re great!
2018 Got it All.
2018 Non-Stop.
2018 or bust! We’re going to make it Class of 2018.
2018 Run the World.
2018, Kiss My Class Goodbye.
22 Will See It Through.
99 Problems But Ain’t 2018.
Ahead of the Rest, the Class of 2018 is the Best.
Ain’t Nobody so fresh and so clean.
Aren’t we great wer’e the class of 2018.
Because the world really won’t end in 2018.
Bein’ us and having fun, the class of 2018 is #1.
Being us and having fun, 2018 is 1.
Best you’ve ever seen, Class of 2018.
Bigger. Better. 2018.
Born To Be The Best.
Class of 2018 – #SquadGoals.
Class of 2018 – Infinite possibilities.
Class of 2018 – Letting our knowledge light the way.
Class of 2018 – Our tomorrow starts now!
Class of 2018 – Seeing tomorrow more clearly!
Class of 2018 – The high school game is over, checkmate!
Class of 2018 – There’s no comparison, we’re great!
Class of 2018 – Today is the beginning of our future!
Class of 2018 – Yesterday we had the lock, today we have the key!
Class of 2018 – Yesterday we were butterflies going through changes, today we touch the sky!
Class of 2018 break the mold, Our class is as good as gold.
Class of 2018 goes to heaven.
Class of 2018 Tomorrow is an idea, but with knowledge we shall create!
Class of 2018 we know what to do.
Class of 2018 what more do you want?
Class of 2018. I see the future clearly.
Doin’ It B18
Educated. Activated. Motivated. Class of 2018.
Every other class thinks they’re cool but 2018 is who rules the school!
Extreme times demand extreme measures Class of 2018.
Feel the freshman breeze.
Five percent younger than the class of 2022.
Forget The Rest, Class Of 2018 Is The Best.
Fresher today, leaders of tomorrow.
Freshmen Fear Us. Sophomores Bow Down To Us. Juniors Want To Be Us.
Go ahead and beam at the Class of 2022.
Have no fear, the class of 2018 is here.
If At First You Don’t Succeed, You’re Not Us.
It Takes 18.
It Was Epic!
It’s Been A Wild Ride.
It’s Graduation Time for 2018.
It’s Just The Beginning.
It’s Opener, Out There In The Wide Open Air.
It’s Our Time – Class Of 2-0-1-8.
It’s True, We’re the Class of 2018.
It’s Graduation Time for 2018.
Keep Calm And Class Of 2018.
Keep It Classy (Insert School Name).
Kiss My Class Goodbye.
Last Stop: Graduation.
Lean mean fighting machine, we’re the class of 2018!
Livin the Dream, Class of 18!
Lookin’ Great, The Class Of 1-8.
New Generation Freshman.
Nothing will come between this class of 2018.
Ready for bigger and better things, it’ll be swell, get ready for us, the awesome 2018!
Shifting our Consciousness to a better future Class of 2018.
So Fresh So Clean, this is 2018.
So Fresh, So Clean, We Are The Class Of 2018.
So much hassle for 2018 tassel.
Started From The Bottom Now We’re HERE!
Step aside class of 2018. We’re the new One-Two.
Step aside while we rock the scene. Class of 2018 reigns supreme.
Straight outta 2018!
Take it back and hold it true. The class of 2018 belongs to you.
The class of 2018 is a blast, a class like ours is unsurpassed.
The class of 2018 is divine. Shout it loud and make it shine.
The World’s Not Ending, We Are Just Taking Over.
There is no time like our time Class of 2018.
There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.
There’s a big beautiful tomorrow.
This Is Our House.
Truth be told Class of 2018 breaks the mold.
Twenty-Eighteen – Our classes history will be Evergreen.
We Are Ready!
We are the class of twenty-Eighteen. Don’t you wish you could be ONE-TWO?
We Are The Future – 2018.
We Did It!
We just made the number 18 lucky.
We Swerved. We Twerked. Now We Gotta Find Work.
We’ll Make History.
We’re Kind Of A Big Deal.
We’re makin the grade, we’re livin the dream, Class of 2018 reign supreme.
We’re Some Glad Grads!
We’re Super Fresh, Like Mr. Clean. We’re The Class of 2018!
We’re the class you love to hate, the class of 2018 sure are great.
We’re the kings and queens of 2018.
We’ve only just begun Class of 2018.
When you say Class of 2018 you’ve said it all.
You haven’t heard real spirit until 2018 makes you hear it.
You’re Looking At The Future.

This comical video is about some of the things that you grads should know for after high school. These comedians use humor and fun to deliver this important message.

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