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25 Catchy Cake Frosting Business Names

One of the best parts of a beautifully baked cake is its frosting and design. These catchy cake frosting business names are just some examples of artisan bakers that raise the bar on skills and technique. They serve as the perfect source of inspiration to start your own cake frosting business one day.

Artisan Cake Company
Baking Sense
Cake by Courtney
Dolce Bakery
Dollop Gourmet
Duncan Hines
EZ Frost
Frostings Cakeshop
Genius Kitchen
Icing Smiles
Kopy Kake
Miss Jones Baking
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Splurge Bakery
Sprinkles Cupcakes
Sunflower Baking Company
Sweetpea Baking Company
The Bakers Kitchen
The Cupcake Company
The Frosting Company
The Hungry Housewife
The Icing Cakes
We Take the Cake

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