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25 Best Donut Fundraiser Slogans

Donuts have become a staple to mornings and breakfast. These great donut fundraiser slogans are fun and poke fun at these delicious, round treats.

2 Donuts are better than 1.
A donut is a bagel that had a dream.
Abs are great, but have you tried donuts?
America runs on donuts.
But first donuts.
Donut give up.
Donut go breakin’ my heart.
Donut judge.
Donut kill the vibe.
Donut worry be happy.
Donuts are better than abs.
Eat different.
Eat more hole foods.
Glazed and confused.
Hole foods are the best foods.
I donut know what I would do without you.
I need more space and donuts.
I’d do anything for a donut.
I’m a donut. Eat me.
Make today special.
Pretty please with sprinkles on top.
Road trips and donuts.
Running hurts, donut?!
Whatever sprinkles your donut.
You had me at donuts.

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