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25 Best Computer Safety Slogans

With the growth of technology in recent years, being safe on your system is number one. These computer safety slogans will remind you and others to be cautious with email and operating your system.

A better way.
Computer problems you can avoid, so you don’t have to get paranoid.
Computers Viruses – If you don’t fix, your Data might be at risk.
Don’t Despair, prevent Spyware.
Don’t leave Private information on a public computer screen that information is private and should not be seen.
Empowered by Innovation.
Filesharing and torrents might be free, but there may be trojans that you can’t see.
I think, therefore IBM.
If they email you asking for cash, be sure to throw it in the trash.
If they email you asking for Money, Say no thanks I won’t fall for it honey.
It Does More. It Costs Less. It’s that Simple.
Learning how to hack helps you keep your computer safe.
Never leave your Private Information on Public Computer Screens.
Prevent a jam, don’t open spam.
Prevent despair, get antivirus software.
Safe Operators are Smooth Operators.
Software that can think.
Spyware is a Nightmare, show you care, Be aware.
Technology you can trust.
The Power to Be Your Best.
To prevent a drastic call, Install a firewall.
To prevent a nightmare, be away from Spyware.
To prevent your computer downfall, you should install a Firewall.
Updating Windows is a must, to leave future problems in the dust.
We make sure.

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