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27 Best Catchy Toilet Paper Business Names

Toilet paper is a basic necessity for most people and is used on wide scales. It is a 13 billion dollar industry that has shown no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Starting your very own toilet paper company can be extremely profitable, but you have to be able to stand out from all the fierce competition that is out there. Having a great name can help you do this. Here is a list of existing toilet paper companies to help you get a feel for the types of names that do well in this industry.

Angel Paper
Angel Soft
Atlas Paper Products
Boardwalk Toilet Paper
Clean It Up
Cloud Stuff
Cotton Buds
Earth Wipe
Eco Soft
Fresh Fluff
Jasmine Luxury
Magic Soft
Mistique Tissue
Quilted Comfort
Quilted Northern
Royal Paper
Seventh Generation
So You
The Clean Stuff
The Rockin’ Roll

Have you ever wondered how exactly they make toilet paper? Well this video will show you from the first step to the last and it is truly fascinating to watch.

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