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24 Ways to Make Business Travel Easy


Business travel does not have to be stressful. Of course that sound almost too good to be true but it is in fact a truth. You can avoid all the stress and strife that is associated with business travel. These life hacks can help you to enjoy your next business trip. With more than 33 common triggers that can cause unnecessary stress during a business trip, the average business traveler can log in 946 miles from just a single round trip flight.

1) Prepare Yourself Mentally Ahead of Time.
Some of the most common stress triggers for businessmen flying by air are lost luggage, no internet access, traveling economy on long flights, or travel delays. Follow some of these simple solutions to make your next flight stress free.

Take pictures of your luggage and contents before you leave, it will help speed up the reimbursement process and may even help to find your luggage.Most airports offer free Wi-Fi. Get whatever you have to get done before you head out, than use the airport Wi-Fi only if you have a last minute email to dash off. When you get to check in ask if there are any discounted upgrades available. Sometimes you can get lucky and there is a seat open that is relatively inexpensive to upgrade to. Join a rewards or the premiere clubs that are offered by airlines so that you can use the private lounges when you have long delays so you can relax away from the other travelers.

2) Remember These Key Tips for Frequency Flyers.
Keep up with your travel itinerary on your smart phone by downloading a travel assistance app. It makes it a lot easier to keep up with what’s and the where’s when it is right there in your phone. Apply to the airports trusted traveler’s program so that you do not have to stand on long security check in lines. Most airports offer the option of filing out the application online. Take less. Try to fit what you need in a carry-on bag. This will cut down on time getting in and getting out of the airport, it also takes the “my baggage is lost” issue right off the table.

For long flights be sure that you have eaten and are ready to sleep.

3) Drivers Can Meet Their Own Stress.
If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel for business travel there are a couple of things that you can do to insure a stress free travel time. Use your GPS to search for the fastest least congested route. In some cases it is better to take the longer route and not have to deal with sitting in traffic. Check parking restrictions out for your destination before you leave so there are no surprises when you arrive.

No matter how you travel a little pre-planning can go a long way in making sure that your trip is stress free.

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