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25 Nose Growing Statistics on Lying

Statistics on Lying

By the age of four, 90% of children have learned the concept of lying. Based on studies performed in the past, it is estimated that 60% of adults can not have a ten minute conversation without lying at least once. Within those ten minutes, an average of three lies were told.

Who Gets Lied to the Most

1. Parents – 86%
2. Friends – 75%
3. Siblings – 73%
4. Spouses – 69%

Where the Most Lies are Seen

1. Resumes – 40%
2. Dating Site – 90%

Everyday Lying

– 12% of adults admit to telling a lie often or sometimes.
– 80% of women admit to telling harmless half truths occasionally.
– 31% of people admit to lying on their resumes.
– 13% of patients lie to their doctor.
– 32% of patients stretched the truth to their doctor.
– 30% lie about their diet and exercise regiments.
– 6 lies are told daily by men to their partner, boss, or colleagues.
– 3 lies are told daily by women to their partner, boss, or colleagues.
– Lying is considered more common among phone calls than face to face chats.
– 1 lie in every 7 is discovered as far as liars can tell.
– A 10th of lies are just exaggerations and 60% were outright deceptions.
– 70% of liars claim they would tell their lies again.
– Americans tell an average of 11 lies a week.

Lying Statistics

The following video discusses lying statistics.

Common Reasons for Lying

1. Lying to save face.
2. Shift blame.
3. Avoid Confrontation.
4. Get One’s Way.
5. To be Nice.
6. Lying to Make yourself Feel Better.

Reasons People Lie

Most people lie an average of 4 times a day which equate to 1,460 lies every year. A man can lie twice as much as a woman in a single day. The number one reason for lying is to get out of trouble or make ourselves look good.

Reasons People Lie

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