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24 Most Amazing Sunsets in the World


Generally speaking, we don’t think about the sun with any particular degree of depth. On a good day, we see the sun rise. After a certain number of hours, depending on the time of year, the sun goes down. We acknowledge these things, but we generally don’t think about the sun beyond those acknowledgments.

Sunsets Around The World

When the sun goes down, we don’t really think about it anymore. But it’s interesting to keep in mind that even as the sun has descended in your part of the world, someone in a different part of the world is waiting for the sun to rise and dominate the sky.

The journey of the sun as it rises and falls all over the world is a compelling one. It reminds us of the constants that exist in our world. Some would even find a poetic element to the notion that no matter where the sun sets, it will eventually rise again, even if that’s in a different place.

And if the sun is setting where you are, remember that there’s always tomorrow.

This is what a twenty-four period of time for the sun typically involves:

• 00:00: Mexico City, Mexico
• 01:00: Alberta, Canada
• 02:00: California, USA
• 03:00: Alaska, USA
• 04:00: Hawaii, USA
• 05:00: Pago Pago, American Samoa
• 06:00: Wellington, New Zealand
• 07:00: Port Villa, Vanuatu
• 08:00: Sydney, Australia
• 09:00: Tokyo, Japan
• 10:00: Hong Kong, China
• 11:00: Bangkok, Thailand
• 12:00: Astana, Kazakhstan
• 13:00: Islamabad, Pakistan
• 14:00: Moscow, Russia
• 15:00: Bagdad, Iraq
• 16:00: Cairo, Egypt
• 17:00: Berlin, Germany
• 18:00: London, UK
• 19:00: Lisbon, Portugal
• 20:00: Reykjavik, Iceland
• 21:00: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
• 22:00: Santiago, Chile
• 23:00: New York, USA

Keep in mind that all those times are GMT.

The journey of the sun around the world shines its heat and rays all throughout our world. To visit all of the places mentioned on the list above would involve traveling to some of the most distinctive and culturally enriched destinations on the planet. As different as all of these places are, one thing about them is pretty universal. At a certain time of the day, the sun is going to rise. At a certain time of the day, the sun is then going to set. Some find that kind of consistency to be extremely comforting. The sun rises and falls regardless.

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